Monday, November 19, 2012

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

The Edge of Never

I’ve never been on a bus trip and I’ve always been scared to.

A friend of mine had a scarring experience and I thought I decided that I would never take a bus trip, lol. She was taking a trip from North Carolina to Missouri. She thought it would be a fun adventure to take a bus instead of a plane. First off, it took over 3 days straight to get there so she was exhausted. Next, she struggled with her luggage and decided that she didn’t need it anymore after about a day and a half and was just going to buy all new stuff when she got to MO, finally they stopped somewhere to pick up new passengers, 5 guys dressed in black slacks, white shirts and ties got on carrying bibles. She thought maybe they were Mormons. One of the guys sat next to her and she talked to him for 5 hours straight, and even shared her lunch with him. They talked about everything from where she was from, to where she was going and what her FULL name was….come to find out when they were getting off the 5 guys were inmates and they were being transferred to work somewhere for the prison! OMG! That broke me, lol

But, after reading The Edge of Never, I think I may have changed my mind. Yes, our heroine had a few rough experiences on her bus trip, but the overall advantage to the trip is what got me. She was fearless, she just up and got on a bus on day and left town not knowing where she was going. She met some interesting people, saw interesting things and had a complete life changing experience all at the age of 20. Yes, I think I do want to take that bus trip one day, as long as I end up meeting someone like Andrew (well, maybe about 7 years ago, lol before I met my husband, but you get what I’m saying, hypothetical, lol).

Yes, this is a book for dreamers.

I dream about things that really matter. At least in my world, they matter. What the air in other countries feels like on my skin, how the ocean smells, why the sound of rain makes me gasp. “You’re one deep chick.” That’s what Damon said to me on more than one occasion.

It is beautiful, formidable, engaging…..just subliminal! It is so deep and emotional and truly eye opening.

This is your life, Camryn Bennett. This is your life.

I have been trying my hardest to get EVERYONE to read it! I have posted it on FB and sent mass text messages to my reader friends, lol. I was on alert while reading though, I don’t always like it when something sneaks up on me and everyone has been saying that is book is kind of sad, or at least emotional….

Me: You’re gonna love The Edge of Never.
Ashley: Is it sad? Someone said they were emotional because of it.
Me: No, not yet at least and I’m halfway through. It’s beautiful and philosophical. It’s a dreamers book for sure.
Ashley: Ahhh yes! I will love it!!
Me: I love it. It hasn’t been that emotional for me, not like make me cry or even want to cry. It’s just…great, I can’t explain it, lol
Me: But, it has made me be like, what is my purpose in life, lol
Ashley: Oh, lord. You know your prupose is to help people because you do it all the time J
Me: lol, maybe

Annnddd then…..

Me: I’m at 72%, not really any sadness yet but my heart is pounding.

Then a little while later….

Me: I’m scared… might be sad….

Then, I refused to give Ashley anymore! Lol

Me: Please, Please, Please read it!!!!!

Camryn always knew that she would be different from everyone else. She knew that she wouldn’t live a repetitive life an end up in a dead in job. She had her life planed out and was getting ready to move in with her best friend until honesty stabbed her in the back and her life is thrown off course.

What is it with everyone and their willingness to follow?

She is going to push forward and get over it along with all of the other road blocks she has hit in her life. She sets on a journey to find herself. She just up and gets on a bus and leaves town without telling anyone, no warning, no destination. She makes her choice based on a baked potato (lol).

She starts to realize that no matter how far she travels that every state is the same. There is always that 1 lone sneaker on the side of the road….the same faces everywhere…. the only thing that changes are the license plates.

Then comes Andrew….only then does she start to realize that it is what you make it. Every state doesn’t have to be the same as long as you look at it from another perspective. Andrew is different, and he draws her in. She can’t get enough of him even though he is a stranger to her and she knows that she shouldn’t let anyone else in. She has never let her guard down like this. Andrew teachers Camryn how to live for the moment and she finds herself doing all kinds of things she would have never normally done.

But Andrew also has a secret that puts a whole new perspective on the time that they share together…..

READ IT!! READ IT! Call me! I’ll read it to you! Lol, just read it. Don’t let this one pass you by. It’s a no strings attached commitment, it’s not a series, it’s stand alone. Take a little bit of time out of your life and get to know Camryn and Andrew, I promise you won’t regret it, I’m sure you will find yourself wanting more.

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