Monday, November 19, 2012

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski Playlist


Seriously, I read for hours on end until I finished, I couldn’t put it down! I wanted to read while I was at the stop light going between home and the museum I volunteer at…it was that good! But then I was like, why risk my life reading and driving, when I can just listen to some of the awesome music that is mentioned in The Edge of Never and think about Andrew and Camryn J

She’s a rocker chick who’s had a crush on Jared Leto since Fight Club.

She hands me a shirt with Scars on Broadway written across the front. “It fits tight and your boobs are perfect.”

“How about something that doesn’t have some random band plastered across the fromt?” I say. “It’s Brandon Boyd,” she says, her eyes bugging out at me. “How can you not like Brandon Boyd?”

“I didn’t say he worked there---anyway, the guy looked like the lovechild of…Adam Levine and…..

I winched when I heard someone else day it, or when that guy sang Feel like Makin’ Love from my dad’s car stereo every morning on the classic rock station.

I don’t have classic rock, but I much prefer newer stuff. Give me Muse, Pink or The Civil Wars and I’m happy.

“You’re probably better off anyway,” he says, putting the MP3 player in his bag. “I don’t listen to Justin Bieber or that crazy meat-wearin’ bitch, so I guess you’ll just have to do without.”

LOVE THIS! “That’s shit-music and you know it,” he replies and shakes his head.

“Classic Rock is where it’s at.” He says matter-of-factly and then gazes ahead. “Zeppelin, the Stones, Journey, Foreigner.”

“Name one song by Bad Company and I’ll leave you along.” “Ready For Love,” I say because it’s the only other one I can think of. “Are you?” he asks.

“That new stuff kids listen to these days is shit music, son,” he said at least once a yuear. “Get the Led out, boy!”

The only music playing in the background of this movie is Alice in Chain’s Would?, and that’s not exactly an epiphany-moment kind of song.

It only takes about an hour of constant conversation about everything from what all of his favorite bands are, to why I like Pink and how much better her stuff is than Boston and Foreigner who sound the same to me.

I think my MP3 player is biased though because the first song is almost always between Kansas’s Dust in the Wind, Zeppelin’s Going to California or something by The Eagles.

Ah, good choice. Aerosmith’s Dream On.

He practically died when I said that I’d listen to Pink over The Rolling Stones, any day. I mean, I literally think I wounded him.

I just grin and walk toward the jukebox by the window. I slip the money in and scan the titles, finally choosing one song and pressing the buttons. Raisins In My Toast starts to play and I make my way back.

Hotel California,” she says. “The Eagles.” I look at her, I’m impressed. “That’s one classic song that I like.”

“I guess it depends on your definition of romantic, I say. “If a girl expects a candlelit dinner and Michael Bolton playing in the background, she’s definitely got the wrong guy.”

“One ta woo da’ladies wit like you did las’time.”
 “Rolling stones?” Andrew asks.
“Uh huh,” Eddie says. “Dat da one, boy.”
“Which one?” I ask, propping my chin on top of my knuckles.

Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars. I stop on that one---my favorite for the past two months---and turn the speaker on, letting the music filter into the room with that folky-country style that is my guilty pleasure.

I’ve never been so willing to sing with him as I am right now. I would try to belt out Celine Dion or an opera singer---I don’t care. I would do it. I would most certainly send everyone screaming for the exits, but I would do it.

“Will you sing to me?” he asks.
“What do you want me to sing?”
Dust in the Wind,” he answers.


  1. LOVE this post!!!
    The Edge of Never is on my tbr, and this makes me want to start reading it right now^^ thanks~

  2. I will def put this on my TBR list! Love rock n roll in books!