Friday, November 9, 2012

The Devil's Metal by Karina Halle

Can something be beautiful and creepy all at the same time? I think so! If you want something to read that doesn't really have to do with romance, but still has that chemistry there, you need to read this! This is a rockstar book, but not our typical rockstar read. We get the whole band vibe with the groupies, fans, drugs and drinking minus the romantic angst. I was hooked from the moment I saw the 1st musical reference. My husband is a metal head and I like to think of myself as one too (just maybe not as extreme, lol).

I have been in a MAJOR Dex funk for the past few weeks, since I finished the Experiment in Terror Series by Karina Halle. I think I am finally moving on (for real this time!). Everything about this book kept me wanting more and more. I had to know what was going on, I had to know what was going to happen next. I stayed on the edge of my seat of 2 days reading. Normally, I can read pretty fast, but I didn't want to miss a second of anything that was going to happen.


The setting is in 1974. I wasn't worried about that all because I know that most kick ass music comes from the 60's and 70's. if you are worried about the time setting, don't be. You really don't notice that the book is set in the 70's until you get a glimpse of the wardrobe, or some of the lingo and the band/song references.


I was stoked that Karina used actual things that could have happened in 1974. there is a point in the book when our heroine is offered a ride from a handsome man named Ted, I was scared for her because I thought she was going to accept the ride and I was like NOOOO DON'T GET IN THE CAR WITH TED BUNDY!!!

Dawn, our heroine is a huge music addict. She writes concert reviews for local magazines until she is scouted by a major magazine. They want her to go on the road with her favorite band (every girls dream, right!?).

Some of Hybrid

Of course she takes the job, only and idiot wouldn't. But then she realizes she may be over her head, she hasn't the slightest idea what to do and she is overwhelmed by the band:There is Graham, the creepy satanic drummer, Noelle the bassist who instantly hates Dawn and thinks she is just a groupie, lead singer Robbie who flirts with her, Noelle's boyfriend Mickey who seems to be okay and then there is Sage....who seems to hate the idea of having a journalist on the tour and is instantaneously rude to Dawn.

After meeting everyone and getting settled in Dawn starts to feel a little better, that is until things take a turn for the creepy. She starts to see things that shouldnt be there and feel unplesantly eerie activity.

I felt horror, a terror so complete that I had one thought: I was going to die there on the stage. I was going to lose my soul.

I was going to Hell.

The anxiety and depth of the story....uhhg I'm still thinking about it! There is so much that lies within in this book it would take me forever to tell you about it. I'm sure my husband is more confused now, after I attempted to tell him the entire book than he has ever been before, lol.

Oh, and let's not forget my major freak out moment near the end of the book:

Me to Ashley: OMG! OMG! OMG!!! The Devil's Metal kinda ties in with EIT!!! Just a little, no Dex or Perry or anything like that but they have something similar and that's all I'm gonna say, lol.  

Even if only for the musical remarks alone, 5 stars all the way! Karina has me hooked again.

Message from Karina's blog:

LAST BUT NOT LEAST = Because all EIT books were slashed to 99 cents last month, I’m doing the same for The Devil’s Metal this month on Ama­zon — or at last until Into the Hol­low is released. It’s only fair! So if you haven’t snatched up the book, get on it while you still can at this super duper low price! And remem­ber, The Devil’s Reprise (#2) comes out in March/April so you don’t have too long to wait to get more sexy Sage and Dawn times.


  1. Loved this book ~ need more Dawn & Sage!!

  2. Who the hell is the guy you chose for Sage? Whoa is he hot!!! Like need a cold shower hot... Dear God.

    1. New follower via GFC, btw!

    2. I am in love with my version of Sage, lol

  3. I just stumbled on this review and I am so intrigued. The books that pull me completely into the story are the best. I love Karina and her writing style, and this sounds WICKED amazing.

    Another one to bump to the top of my list.

    Great review, as always.

    cleo of Denali Law Group