Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Hour (Racing on the Edge) by Shey Stahl

I have always been a race fan, growing up in the south it's kind of a requirement lol. I have been to so many dirt track races and drag races that I've lost count. So, when I found out about this series, I was all over it. Even if I had never been to a race and knew nothing about racing, I would have still loved this book. Shey breaks everything down and makes it so fascinating and she is freaking hilarious!!! I laughed so hard about the comparison between body parts and car parts. (wink,wink)
Sway and Jameson have been best friends since they were eleven years old. Sway has always been Jameson's biggest fan, and is always there for him no matter what. (I mean that's what you do for someone that you are secretly in love with right?)  After they graduated high school they set out to chase Jameson's dream of making it to NASCAR. Sway is there every step of the way until her dad finally pushes her to make something of herself and go to college so she can one day run the dirt track he owns back home. After she finishes school she returns to Jameson's side for his first Coca Cola 600 race and she is determined to make him realize he can't live without her. Jameson has missed her, she is his good luck charm and he is miserable without her. He convinces her to stay with him for three week attending his races. Against everyone's warning  they make the decision to be "friends with benefits".

Sway can't make herself believe that this is a bad idea and even if it is she has to give it a go, she knows she will never have another chance. Jameson knows he can never be what she needs or deserves but he can't make himself leave her alone. On top of dealing with these new emotions he also has to deal with a jealous ex girlfriend, a rival who is out for blood, a crazy stalker fan, and a secret that he is keeping from Sway and everyone else. Not to mention that he has the temper of a two year old when he doesn't get his way lol.
It does leave us with a slight cliff hanger that left me wanting so much more. Thank GOD, the second book, Black Flag has already been released and I can continue on!! Also, the third book, Trading Paint and the fourth book, The Champion have been released, so this might be a racing weekend for me :)

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