Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Stupid Hurricane Sandy Hurt our Christine Zolendz

One of our fellow Christine Zolendz fans (author of Fall from Grace and Saving Grace) has started a collection effort to help get Christine out of that post Sandy Funk!
Here is what Rebekah has to say:
We all love Christine Zolendz and her Fall from Grace (Mad World Series) books!! Her constant humor and insane skill at writing novels have kept us all up reading through the night, for that I am certain we are all thankful.

 Now it's time for us fans of Christine's to give back. Christine and her family were effected pretty badly by Hurricane Sandy. I figured getting some of her devoted readers together to help out with repairs and getting life back to normal may be the only gift we can provide in return for her talents.
What do you say? Let's see what we can collect in order to help get those repairs done. Donate $5 or whatever you can, every dollar is something

Visit this link to help with the efforts!
Curious how Sandy effected Christine? Here is what she posted after the storm: 
For those of you amazing effing people who are messaging me about that fucking bitch sandy, my family and I are all safe. My whole basement is destroyed, thats where my mom lives, we have no power, no hot water and our entire block of neighbors are sharing generators and water pumps. All of our cars were under salt water for hours and only our jeep seemed to survive fully. Everybody should have...a jeep. My neighbor survived and the national guard has some hot guys ! My prayers are with the families of breezy point. Over 100 houses burned down and I knew some of them personally. Also breezy point is next to belle harbor where grace and lea grew up! Thank you all for the messages but we have no Internet service and I can't answer any messages. My cell phone is the only way to get on Facebook. Love you all.

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