Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What A Boy Needs by Nyrae Dawn

This book is the companion to What A Boy Wants. In the first book we learn a little bit about Jaden, he is Sebastian's best friend, they grew up together and they do everything together. It gives hints that his home life isn't that great. This book gives us a look into Jaden's personal life or should I say the personal hell Jaden lives in. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little emotional reading this book. My heart broke for Jaden, I just wanted to hug him and tell him it will all be okay and I wanted to slap his mom around a couple of times. What Jaden has to go through would crush anybody.
Jaden has always been told he is a nobody and will always be a nobody. His dad hates him and his mom NEVER takes up for him. His only saving grace growing up were his friends, Sebastian, Aspen and Pris. It has always been easy to forget his home life and just be himself, joking with Sebastian or picking on the girls because none of them knew the truth. Everything changed once Sebastian (the former hook-up dr.) and Aspen got together. Jaden found out that Pris has a thing for him just as much as he has for her, but he can't go there. He's not good enough for her and being around her new boyfriend is starting to get to him, he's had enough....then everything starts going down hill from there. He gets in a fight with his dad and gets thrown in jail and kicked out of his moms house. (She chose her husband over her son!! What kind of mother does that!!!) To make matters worse, the DA is Pris's dad. Great, like he needs anything else to make him look like more of a loser. 
Finishing out his senior year at Sebastian's house, he realizes that his friends are going places, they all have supportive parents who will pay for college, he has no one and he can't keep tagging along with them. The guys convince him to take one more Epic Adventure with them to New York over the summer. The only problem with this is, now he has to spend the whole summer with Pris, in close quarters and it's getting harder to keep up the wall he built to hide his real feelings for her. Plus, he has a decision to make once the trip is over. Does he stay in New York with his friends until they get tired of him mooching off of them or does he leave his friends and the only girl he has ever loved to make it on his own.

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