Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Perfect Game by J Sterling

So I started out really liking this book. The characters are so easy to relate to, it's like they are people you hang out with all the time. Then, I found myself LOVING this book and I couln't put it down. I was so excited at the way the book was flowing and I was so crushing on Jack. ;)  Then, out of nowhere it takes a turn and I was so crushed, my heart literally hurt and I was so disappointed, to the extent that I couldn't get over it. I wanted to jump in this book and start kicking a$$ and taking names later!! Anywho, since that wasn't an option I had to let it go and keep reading and I'm glad I did because I LOVED IT :)

Cassie Andrews is a college junior that just transferred from her home town community college to Fullton University to be with her best friend Melissa, plus they have the very best photography program. One night at a frat party Cassie meets the infamous Jack Carter and is instantly attracted to him. Melissa being the great friend she is, warns Cassie against him.

"No freaking way. Don't you know who that is?" She threw her hand in front of my eyes before I swatted it away.

"Obviously not, or we'd be dating." I hoped up to steal a peek over her head.

"Jack Carter doesn't date. He sleeps with girls and all their friends." Melissa's mouth curled with disgust.

"So that's the infamous Jack Carter, huh?" I was intrigued.

Jack is the ultimate playboy, bouncing from one girl to the next, he never "dates" the same girl twice. He has everything going for him, he is the baseball star of the school and every scout is looking to sign him. The moment he meets Cassie, he knows she is different from the other girls he is used to. She makes him work for her attention, he practically has to beg for one date (real date) with her. She finally agrees to the date on the condition that if it sucks he will leave her alone. Cassie is the game changer for him, he never thought he would want a girlfriend, but he can't get enough of this girl. He just has to convince her to take a chance on him.

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