Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Easy by Tammara Webber

Happy Release Day!! Today marks the Re-Release of EASY by Tammara Webber through Berkley Trade (a division of Penguin Publishing).

We read this book months ago, and since it's now being re-released we should probably get a review up....don't ya think? lol.

From start to finish I was hooked on this book! It was so Easy (lol) to love. I swear, I wish the characters were real people just so I could know them in real life (that is when you know I like a book, because I have a hard time liking people in general, lol).

I had the book on my TBR forever. The cover is amazing and the synopsis had me hooked, I just never got around to reading it. Ashley finally put the stomp down on me and was like YOU HAVE TO READ IT!!! Since I was all mind fucked, of course I did...hey, I'm scared of Ashley lol, short people can fight much better than tall people.

This book comes highly recommended on my "What to Read after Beautiful Disaster" list. Lucas is completely different than Travis, but the book still gives that same feeling, want and need that we got from Beautiful Disaster. Plus, Lucas is a steamy hot bas ass covered in tattoos and piercings and has this crazy protector thingy going on.  

Jacqueline follows her rich, preppy high school boyfriend to college. We all know that never works in the books that we like to read, lol. Plus this rich boyfriend isn't named Lucas, lol. Anyway, when he gets to college he decides that he is ready to forget the 3 years that he and Jackie spent together and start experieriencing some sorority girls. He is over Jacqueline, but she is not over him. He is all she has known and now she is kind of lost.

Jacquelines roommate is tired of seeing her laying around so she talks her into going to a frat party with her. At the party Jacqueline is very uncomfortable and decides to leave. While walking home she is attacked and almost raped by one of her exes frat brothers (JERK!)......then someone saves the day (of course it's Lucas!!)

Later Jackie realizes that her savior is in one of her classes, this bad ass, sexy savior....and the intensity begins!!

I loved Easy all the way through. It was hard to put down and easy to love. I recommend this to anyone that is in a book funk and needs to get into a new funk, lol.

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