Monday, November 12, 2012

Crush by Lacey Weatherford

Lacey does not disappoint with this book. She has given us suspense, emotional roller coasters, love, drama, secrets, betrayal and so much more. I went into this book thinking I was getting another YA full of teenage drama, but I was oh so wrong! What I got was so much more than that, not only is it full of teenage drama, it also deals with issues that affect everyone, no matter what the age. These characters deal with drugs, first loves, sex, jealousy, death and betrayal and Lacey gives us a few twists and turns along the way to keep us on our toes.
Cami Wimberley is a nerd by association. She has one best friend, Clay who has been with her since the beginning. All the guys crush on her which she is oblivious to, but no one will approach her because of Clay. He is the king of all nerds, complete with pocket protector and all. Cami doesn't care that she doesn't have a boyfriend she is focused on graduating school and going to college to study music. Everything is going along as planned until the sexy new guy, Hunter Wilder shows up and rocks her world.
Hunter is not interested in finding a girlfriend, he doesn't need the complication in his life. Being the new kid he quickly climbed the social ladder and became the cool kid at school with a bad reputation. Everyone thinks they know him as this playboy that just uses girls for one thing, but there is more to him and the secret he carries around. So when he finds himself getting closer and closer to Cami, he knows he should stop but there is this pull he can't fight and he wants her so bad. Staying away from her is no longer an option, but will his secrets ruin everything.

Now, enter Clay, the best friend who is tired of having only the best friend status. He has had a crush on Cami for a really long time and is desperate to get her attention. When he finds out that Hunter has moved in on his girl he steps up his game. Clay changes everything about himself, from his clothes, to getting contacts and changing his hair style. Now all he has to do is convince Cami that she belongs with him even if it means he has to destroy the competition. Clay has a secret of his own that he is hiding from everyone, even Cami, a secret that can ruin everything.
Ahhh, see what I mean about suspense and drama and jealousy!!!

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