Monday, January 14, 2013

When We Collide by A.L. Jackson

When We Collide started out just how I like it, from the male POV. Almost every book I read is from the female POV so when something is from the male POV it always catches my attention. This book did switch back and forth between the 2 main characters, but for the most part it was from the guy’s perspective and I was hooked.

I won't lie though, it was the cover that got my attention. I have been looking at this book for months because I loved the cover so much. When it went on sale, I grabbed it up!

William has been running from the life he once knew and loved for the past 6 years. A life that he would have given anything for but he has now betrayed that life by running. At this point I HAD to know what he was hiding from. It was killing me.

Then I kind of got an idea of what he was hiding from…he had been hurt…

I’d been in love once. It was that stupid kind of love that had kept me awake at night, wanting more. But she’d never really been mine.

But the love had been real right? If it wasn’t he wouldn’t be hiding out with an evil bitch that has turned him into the one thing he never thought he would be…cold.

I really had begun to hate this life.

William gets a call from his brother that he has to go home, his Aunt is dying. He can’t believe he has let himself stay gone this long and knows that there is no way he won’t go home to say his goodbyes to Aunt Lara.

When William gets home he is forced to face to the woman that stole his heart. No one knew of their secret romance and no one knows why he left and never came back but her. When he is forced to meet her, he is faced with a secret that she can’t keep a secret for much longer.

Secrets, secrets, secrets!!! I love it!

Maggie has never had an easy life. She has always had to witness things a child shouldn’t have to witness and grew up way to fast because of the life she lived. The only time she ever felt loved and wanted was when she was with William.

He’d changed me, deeply and in every way. When he found me, I was scared and insecure, and when those things still remained, they never looked the same. Every part of me had William written on it, the way I thought and what I saw. What I desired and where my dreams laid.

But she messed that up, she broke his heart. She is the one that caused him to leave and never return. But that has all changed now, William is back and she doesn’t know what to do. She knows she has to face him at some point but she doesn’t know what to say.

William is prepared to fight for Maggie. He has tried to tell himself all these years that he didn’t care about her anymore, but he does and he can’t hide it anymore.

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