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Grace finds herself with a toxic friend and a brand new hobby when she discovers meth. She had a promising future before Grayson came into the picture. A wolf in sheep's clothing he soon shows his true colors and they are painted with black and blue.

The drugs cause more problems than they fix, but lost in the intoxicating world of numbness she must find herself through abuse, addiction, and abortion.

Will she let the drugs take her out of the world, and be forever numb, or will an unlikely love pull her out and make her feel again?
I’m not sure what I expected when I started reading this book, but I know that I got way more than I expected. This book is raw and real. It’s not for one with a soft heart. Emily didn’t hold back on this book. She didn’t try to pretty things up to seem as something they weren’t. She kept the situations real and hardcore. There is nothing pretty about this book…..that is what kept me glued to it all afternoon.

If I had known how dumb I was at eighteen, I would have run back to the safety of my parent's house screaming to escape from myself.

Grace is a normal teenage girl. She goes off to college and has had a few experiments with marijuana and alcohol, but nothing like the hard stuff she is about to be introduced to.

One Halloween night my life changed forever. I know now that this was a turning point in my life, a particularly dangerous one.

Grayson is Grace’s boyfriend. He used to be sweet and he cared for Grace, but something has changed in him. He is angry all of the time and doesn’t care about anything but partying. When Grace starts working for the same hotel that he works for she meets some of his new friends. This is the start of the turning point in her life.

At this point I wanted to scream for Grace, to warn her that these are the kind of people your mother warned you about as a child.

Miranda becomes her best friend. They work together at the hotel. Miranda has an awesome figure…

“I am not usually hungry.” I took in her small frame and her giant pupils. “I like to do something that keeps me from it.”

I was naive at this point and Grayson explained to me later that she enjoyed a drug called crystal meth.

This is some of the first exposure to hard drugs that sweet Grace has had. The night finally comes when Miranda and Grayson talk her into joining them…(again! I wanted to help this girl! I wanted to tell her no, I have been down the path she is about to go on and I wanted nothing more than to stop her)

When it was my turn, I remember thinking. Something is about to happen, but I had no idea where the feeling came from. I was pretty drunk and the world seemed safe. As I snorted the first thing I had ever tried to put up my nose, I immediately noticed how badly it hurt. It burned like it was trying to take my nose off my face. I thought, This is a mistake, it is never going to stop burning.

And then it hits her….

I knew two things; I wanted more and Grayson was a lying sack who had used meth before last night.

We get to go through the rest of the book following Grace’s ups and downs. We see her mistakes…all of the mistakes. The girl she should be is still hidden somewhere beneath the cloth, but the drugs are so strong she may never resurface.

The ending snuck up on me. I was so involved with the story I didn’t think the end would come so soon. Please, Emily… let there be a 2nd book! I need a 2nd book. I’ve grown too accustomed to lovey, dovey stories that are painted pretty. Every once in a while we all need a little ugly; to remind us of the world that we try to ignore.

On a side note:
There are a few typos, but that doesn’t bother me, I can usually look over them. Oh, and music! I think this needs more music! When I think of partying I think music should be involved, music that will depict the situation and give us more of a feeling of what the characters are experiencing at the moment.

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I live in the mountains of North Carolina and am writing between going
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alma mater. I am a writer and editor with Midnight Hour Publishing. I
also write as Lyra Mcken for GMTA Publishing and Jewels Moss for
Midnight Fire! I am also a Self Pubbing Maniac! My favorite author is
Heinlein, but I also have a weak spot for Jane Austin.

My recent novels include The Reluctant Succubus with Midnight Hour
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Publishing and then a self published release Long Road Full Speed

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