Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sometimes Never by Cheryl McIntyre

I am in complete AWE of Cheryl McIntyre. The way she captivated me with this story, the way she wrote these two characters, the struggles and hardships they faced. It was sad and depressing yet happy and beautiful at times. I love that Hope is REAL. She's not the stereotypical NORM. She has different colored hair and gauges in her ears, a tattoo and a bad attitude. She can kick anyone's ass and isn't afraid to do it. She plays drums in a band and the cello at school. I love that we get the story from both Mason and Hope, so we know what's going on in both minds. The fact that Cheryl wrote about issues that not only affect teens today, but everyone everywhere is commendable. I hope that we get a spin off book from some of the other characters like Park, Chase or Annie. I think their stories would be just as Amazing as this one. I am now and forever a HUGE fan of Cheryl McIntyre and look forward to anything else she writes. Okay, so know on to the review.
The people you love most are the ones who hold the power to hurt you so completely. - Hope Love
Hope Love lost her mom and mom's boyfriend in a car accident, she's never known her father and she now lives with her mom's boyfriend's brother and his family. It's like the Brady Bunch, they have so many kids in that house. Hope has never had any type of real relationship with anyone, her mom never really paid her any attention and never really cared about what she did, this left Hope afraid of commitment, afraid to trust anybody. Why should she, everyone always leaves.
Sometimes I think my veins run with poison. We're all slowly dying, right? From the moment we're born, our time dwindles away. Like some countdown we're not privy to. We can die at any moment. - Hope Love
The only person Hope has let get close to her is Guy, her foster cousin/brother. From the very beginning her understood her and never judged her for her horrible past, he is her best friend and fellow band member.

 Mason has lived in so many different places in the last couple of years, he's learned not to make real friends or get attached to people or places. His mom always makes last minute decisions to up and move him and his little brother. On his first day at his new school he sees Hope and is instantly drawn to her. She's not like anyone he's ever known. He does anything and everything to get close to her and win her over, to make her trust him. They have so much in common, music, food, movies, everything. They are two of a kind.
Cheese and rice. I think I just found my kindred spirit or my male alter ego. The Jekyll to my Hyde. - Hope Love
The problem is, Hope already has a "thing" with Park, the lead singer of her band. They have been "non-committed" to each other for over a year. Hope can't decide what to do. She wants to be with Mason, to explore what they have together, but her fears of commitment and leaving and being enough for someone start to overwhelm her. She doesn't want to hurt Park, he is her friend and is the only one her knows her secret. What/Who will Hope choose?


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  1. Hey Ashley! I just wanted to let you know I'm in AWE of this review. I love the pics and quotes you chose! And when I got to the bottom and saw Blackbird I almost cried. I can't even describe how awesome this is! Thank you so much!