Friday, January 25, 2013

Find You In The Dark by A. Meredith Walters

I need the second book, like, now! I did get a bit excited though to find out book 1.5 came out maybe that will hold me over. Oh, and if you already read this book, I did hear through the grapevine book 2 may be released in March!

Being honest, this book should have been extremely depressing...but I found myself more and more into it. I should have looked away with heartache, but I just couldn't get off the roller coaster. This book will not be for everyone, but it sure was for me. It was angsty and almost brought on the waterworks. It was to the point of emotional devastation....yet I still couldn't put it down!

I was off of work what did I do? Read, read and read! I read this book all afternoon, only putting it down to pee, lol.  I was so involved in the world of Maggie and Clay and the realistic affects that mental disorders can have on a being.

Your first love is supposed to be beautiful, right?

Maggie is a 17 year old girl, living in a boring world (wow, I almost had Journey moment, lol). Her life is filled with school, sports and friends that she was destined to be friends with because their parents were best friends. She spends her days and weeks doing the same thing, nothing is ever spontaneous. She is starting to resent this lifestyle. Then she runs into him....

Clayton Reed is not like anyone else at her school. Sure, he is beautiful and could be at the top of the social ladder, but he wants nothing to do with people and is pretty rude when Maggie nearly knocks him down in the parking lot. Even through the rudeness, Maggie can't help but feel this pull to him.

I had never been as drawn to someone the way I was finding myself drawn to Clayton. I didn't know him, had only shared a mouthful of words- (an they weren't nice) but I wanted to say more, to hear more.

Maggie is tired of the cold shoulder she is getting from Clay, so she confronts him. After getting everything off her chest of how rude he is, they decide to be friends. Clay shows Maggie how to live outside of the box. Maggie shows Clay a little of how to live in it. He needs stability. All he has ever wanted is normal. Maggie gives that to him.

As their friendship grows they begin to realize that there may be something more....the thing is, Clay has this invisible wall built, one that he won't let anyone cross. When they go to a party and things turn bad. Clay has no choice but to let Maggie inside. After she finds out about his past and his parents and the real reason he has moved to Virginia she knows that she has to protect him, comfort him and most importantly just be there for him. Can she do it? Is she strong enough to handle the demons? Can their love really survive this life?

I hated so many people in this book! I hated Clay for acting the way he did, then I understood why he did some of the things he did. I hated Maggie sometimes for smothering Clay. I hated her parents for not being more supportive of Clay and I hated his parents most of all for being selfish and evil!

There were so many times I hurt for the pain Maggie was going through. It was like no one was just there for her. Everyone had to make their own opinions and judgements and never actually helped her. The things Maggie has to go through are not things a person should have to do alone. I felt like everyone was against her, but at the same time everyone was just looking out for her too.

I think I will be thinking about this one for days. I'm so ready for the next book.


  1. Great review :) I read this in December, and I just loved. it. seriously. I agree that it might not be for everyone, but oh yes, it was for me. I have another book I can't wait for to come out in March, so if this second book is coming out then too, March just can't come fast enough lol

  2. I just saw this today for cheap on Amazon and thought about picking it up, but didn't. I think I will now though. Great review, you sold me! :)