Saturday, January 12, 2013

Racing on the Edge by Shey Stahl Blog Tour Schedule

We are excited to be part of the Racing on Edge by Shey Stahl blog tour!

Each blog will offer a giveaway for a signed copy of Happy Hour and Black Flag. There will also be one GRAND prize, but we are going to keep that one a secret until the tour :)

We will all be doing different things on the tour. Some blogs will host interviews while others have reviews, pictures and playlists. Be sure to stop by each blog on the tour to see whats going on and to enter for your chance to win one of the awesome prizes!

Here is the tour schedule:

January 14:

January 15:

January 16: 
January 17:

January 18:

January 19:
Brei Betzold's guest interview with Jameson/Spencer on Kindlehooked

January 20:
January 21:
January 22:

January 23:

January 24:

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