Sunday, January 6, 2013

Second Chance Romance by Sophie Monroe

Second Chance Romance

I really enjoyed Second Chance Romance. It's currently free on Amazon so I would encourge everyone to get it and make your own decision of how good it is. It's the 3rd book that Sophie has published and it is where she finally found her writing groove. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little worried to read it because of all of the negative reviews, but I am so glad that I didn't listen to them, this book was really great! It had a twist that I wasn't expecting and followed the love story pattern that we all love with another added twist--girl meets boy when they are kids, they are best friends, they fall in love in high school, she is forced to move away by her hateful mother, boy and girl lose touch, girl becomes stripper to pay for college, boy becomes successful lawyer and then they bump into each other after 10 long years.....

From childhood to about the age of 16 Jules and Noah are inseperable. The do everything together and plan on always being together, that is until Jules' mom (uhg, she is on malicious bitch!) decides they are moving to NY to live with Clark, her current flavor of the month.

"Promise we'll stick together." I said to him.

"Like pages in a porn magazine." He promised, making me laugh.

We kissed for the last time...that was ten years ago.

Now Jules is an adult working her way through college. She has a roomate that also works at the same club she does. They make it pretty good for only working a few hours a week. Jules has it made. Great friends, a few months left of grad school and a good paying job. She is comfortable in her skin and doesn't mid taking her clothes off for money, that is until a bachelor party comes into to Double D's and low and behold, during her number she realizes the bachelor is Noah.....

This is where it gets good! She is furious because he promised to stay in touch and never did. And now he is getting married, but he just has to talk to her.....not such a good idea Noah, Jules lays a slammer of a secret on him in a rage (is it weird that I wanted to spell that like BDB humor) of fury (

Needless to say, this was a quick read. I read it in one sitting, not wanting to put it down. The cover drew me in, but the story kept me wanting more. I look forward to reading more from Sophie. If her other books are anything like Second Chance Romance, I know I will be addicted.

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