Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Sweetest Gift by Pamela Warren Playlist

"The Sweetest Gift" is the sequel to the novel "The Gift" and continues the story of Maggie Mae Williams, singer/songwriter and bluegrass mandolinist.

It has been five years since the end of the first book. Maggie has found out that her husband Zak, the charismatic lead guitarist of the Cajun blues/rock band the Bayou Blasters, has been having an affair with their children's nanny. Maggie divorces Zak and moves to Nashville to live with her music partner Tucker Travis. After winning several Grammy awards, Maggie and Tucker have become famous as the King and Queen of Country music. They are engaged and about to be married, when Justin, the former bass player in Maggie's bluegrass band Little Maggie, returns from his self-imposed five year exile. He has finally decided to reveal a secret that turns everyone's world upside down and causes Maggie to reassess the direction of her life.
This is the official playlist directly from Pamela Warren herself :)

"I Still Miss Someone" - Johnny Cash, covered by Emmylou Harris
"House of the Rising Sun" - traditional, covered by the Animals
"The Sweetest Gift" - J.B. Coates covered by Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt
"Little Maggie" written by Ralph Stanley, the Stanley Brothers, and Bill Monroe
"Piece of My Heart" - Janis Joplin, Big Brother and the Holding Company
"Hesitation Blues" - traditional, covered by the Jefferson Airplane
"White Freightliner Blues" Townes Van Zandt, great covers by the New Grass Revival or Darrell Scott

In the second book, there is more of an emphasis on rock and rock as Maggie and Justin go out to San Francisco and play with a famous rock band.

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