Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Submission of Alistair Ingram by kelli Maine

Movie star Alistair Ingram strolled into Dolls & Doms private men's club in Las Vegas for his bachelor party and limped out with a torn shirt, red welts covering his chest and a broken engagement splashed all over the pages of every celebrity magazine in the country.

A session with club Dominatrix, Black Betty, will do that to a man.

With Alistair's manager breathing down his neck and Black Betty's abusive ex-husband alerted to where she's been hiding for the past ten years, there's only one thing to do:

And get the hell out of Las Vegas.

But the real ruse is on Alistair and Black Betty, because despite both of their best efforts, they've gotten under each other's skin. Can their explicit dance of domination and submission end in anything other than disaster?

THE SUBMISSION OF ALISTAIR INGRAM is the first in a novella series from, where erotic tales from the Dolls & Doms private men’s club are told in weekly episodes.
REVIEW: about a book that gets you hot and bothered!!! I am now a follower of the Dolls and Doms Blog Posts because I just can't get enough, I'm looking forward to what's next! Kelli Maine, you freaking ROCK!! This book will keep you on the edge, it's sexy and fun and mysterious. It takes you on the journey of a woman scorned and how she gets back what was taken from her so long ago. It's a twist from the normal BDSM adding some romance to the story line. I hope there will be more to this story. I would love to know the outcome of some things left unfinished.
Meet Mistress Black Betty, the famous Dominatrix at Dolls and Doms Private Men's Club. She craves the feel that hurting these men brings to her, having a dark past of her own, she needs the release, the feel of power at her fingertips. This job has served that purpose for the past 10 years, feeding her need and helping her hide out from her past. She refuses to let any man have control over her ever again. All that changes the night she meets Alistair Ingram, the sexy famous movie star. He shows up for his bachelor party for a good time expecting a good show, but what he got was WAY more than he bargained for.
Alistair plays along with the little games his Mistress is playing until she takes things too far, then he reverses the roles on her, he wants to give her some of her own medicine. Sensing that she is uncomfortable with the role reversal he backs down, now he is intrigued. What makes this woman tick, she is badass and a little scary and he likes it. Then everything starts to blow up their face, the media has pictures of him with torn clothes and welts on his chest, his fiancé is furious and the engagement is broken, not to mention Black Betty's ex husband is on the hunt for her. They decide that she will come with him to LA until all of this blows over, they come up with a plan as to why they are together, she is to teach him how to become a Dom for an upcoming movie role. Can this work with everything being thrown at them, from a jealous ex fiancé to a crazy ex husband and both of their pasts haunting them.
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