Monday, February 4, 2013

Rock Star (Groupie #2) by Ginger Voight

I want to read the 3rd book; I need to read the 3rd book…probably for closure. But, after everything my gut has endured from reading Rock Star, I don’t know if I can take it! Groupie was awesome, but like everyone before me said, Rock Star was even better. This series is so awesome. If you are a fan of Thoughtless and Effortless by S.C. Stephens, this is a must read.

My stomach is in knots, my head is spinning and my heart beat has finally slowed back down to normal. I could not put Rock Star down! I read faster and faster until I hit that wall that almost sent me to my knees. I am so in love with this series, I just don’t understand why more people have not read it. I finished the book literally 10 minutes ago and had to write about it immediately. I need more people to read it simply because I think I need a support group, lol.

The lies and betrayal of book 1 continue in book 2. The whirlwind of feelings tumbled down on me in a spiraling fashion. I just can’t seem to get over the emotions this book had in it, I haven’t been this blown away in a long time.

So, remember the choice that Andy had to make at the end of Groupie? She has stood by it 100%. She is happy, but then sad all at the same time. She struggles with guilt and followes what she thinks she is supposed to do.

“Because it’s the right thing to do,”

I understand what she is going through. You love 2 men, one protected you when you needed to be protected and now you feel it’s your responsibility to take care of him and be there for him…..but on the other hand the one that has your heart is grieving and going about it all the wrong way.

Vanni is throwing away everything to the bottle. He is lost and doesn’t know how to handle the emotions that come with this heartache. All he can think about is her.

Andy was the first…the last…and the only.

That isn’t the only issue going on. Once Vanni kind of gets a handle on his emotions with a little help from his liquid courage he becomes crazy, distant and angry. Andy doesn’t know who the man is that she once loved. Not to mention the new manager Leo who only talks down about Andy and keeps feeding Vanni drinks.

After one of the band members quit (I won’t tell you who, lol) in walks a new member and his sister. The new characters in the book seem to have good intentions but I felt something was off about all of them from the moment they walked in.

While all of this is going on Graham is back in LA with a live in nurse trying to learn how to walk again. I felt so bad for Graham, I like him so much and I want him to have happiness, but it seems that he is always giving and can never receive in return.

With Graham being paralyzed and Vanni going down a very destructive path, Andy is forced again to make a decision that she should not have to make….and if she doesn’t make the right decision there is always someone willing to step up to the plate and take her place.

This book made me want to blow something up. There was a time when I think I felt more hate then the hate I felt toward Kiera in Thoughtless, lol (is that even possible). I wanted to hit something and get the frustration out. Now that I have talked a little, I feel much better. But seriously, someone else read this! I need a support group now…..oh wait, I do have the 3rd book….I hope I make it out alive, lol.

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