Tuesday, February 26, 2013

RAID by Kristen Ashley

Hanna Boudreaux has lived in the small town of Willow, Colorado all her life. The great-granddaughter of the town matriarch, she's sweet, cute and quiet.

Too quiet.

Hanna has a moment of epiphany when she realizes her crush for forever, Raiden Ulysses Miller, is not ever going to be hers. She sees her life as narrow and decides to do something about it.

Raiden Miller is the town of Willow's local hero. An ex-marine with the medal to prove his hero status, he comes home, shrouded in mystery. It takes a while but, eventually, Hanna catches his eye.

But after all these years of Raid and Hanna living in the same town, the question is, why? Is Raid interested in Hanna because she's sweet and cute? Or does Raid have something else going on?


So I was in desperate need of an Alpha male fix, and we all know that no one can write an alpha male like Kristen Ashley. RAID definitely hit the spot!! Raiden Miller kicks ass and doesn't worry about taking names, he is just BADASS! He knows what he wants and goes for it, and nothing is going to get in his way or stop him.

Hanna is the town sweetheart, she takes care of her elderly great grandmother and will give you the shirt off her back. She has been in love with Raiden Miller since she first laid eyes on him when she was a little girl. After high school, Raiden left town for the Marines and all these years later she still holds a flame for him. Once Raid returns home, Hanna tries to catch his attention and fails. She realizes she will never be what he wants and decides to start living her life for herself. All of a sudden Raid takes notice of Hanna and he shows up everywhere she is. Hanna is confused, what has happened that now he wants to get to know her after all these years of being invisible? What's his angle? And what is he really doing in town?

This is the third book in the Unfinished Heroes Series, check out the others:

Amazon, Goodreads

Amazon, Goodreads

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