Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Escorted by Claire Kent

Okay, so I really, really liked this book! At first I was like humm..I dunno, it seems kind of cliché, but the more I read the more I loved it. I think it’s the forbidden love scenario of it all that grabbed me. I mean really, our leading lady pays someone to take her virginity, but then she continues to pay him more and more to keep coming back. She can’t get enough of him; her friend thinks she has the “Pretty Woman” syndrome, lol. How can you actually fall in love with a male escort, it just doesn’t seem possible. How can you know if he is ever being real with you or just doing what you pay him to do?

How do you keep the lines from crossing when you pay someone to spend time with you. You hire them, so basically they are going to do whatever you tell them to do, that’s what got me with this one. I was like; does he really enjoy doing this? Does he really want to see her? Is he just doing it because he is making the big bucks? I HAD to know! I blew through this book, never wanting to put it down. I enjoyed the steamy, double steamy, and triple steamy (many, many steamy) sex scenes but also the more subtle, naïve and gentle sides of the characters.

Lori is a very popular romance writer. She is still a virgin at 26 years old and is at the point of doing anything to get rid of the V! She talks her friend into finding a male escort service for her to use to finally just get it over with…..I wonder if things like this really happen in real life? Lol

Lori meets Ander…her hired hand, lol. She can’t believe that she is going to go through with this. They make all of the necessary arrangements and meet in a specific hotel. After a few steamy moments Lori is curious what Ander will and will not do.

“Are you disappointed in my white-bread ways?” he asked, with another twitch of his lips.

After Lori finally gets what she wants she finds herself wanting more and more. Ander is a very popular escort, she has to book 2-3 weeks in advance but as she makes more engagements with him, it’s like he becomes more available. She is able to book a week in advance then able to book just days in advance. She hears through the grape vine that he is retiring, but he hasn’t mentioned it to her so it must not be true…..could he be clearing his schedule to spend more time with her?

“I can hold you if you want,” Ander offered. When she just stared blankly at the dark outline of his face, he added, “A lot of my clients like that afterwards.”
“Oh.” As she processed her feelings, she realized it would be nice to be held. But by someone who actually cared about her. “No. That’s all right. Thanks. I don’t want to pretend anything. I’m not trying to fool myself.”

Lori and Anders business relationship changes. They spend more time talking after doing the do, and Ander learns about Lori, while Lori pry’s to find out anything she can about him. The business relationship turns into an almost romantic relationship, but neither characters knows exactly how the other is feeling. Lori feels Ander may just be acting for her benefit and Ander doesn’t really care for Lori to know how he feels, to keep things simple. He is mad at himself for developing feelings.....and that is that. I can't really tell you more or you won't get all the gushy feelings that I got! Seriously, I loved Ander's ways and everything about him. The story between the 2 characters was just....speechless, gonna have to stick with the word I always use---AWESOME!

I really loved this story. I like how the author always knew just the right time to hurry up and get back to the good stuff. There wasn’t all kind of extra add in to the story that made it seem longer than it needed to be. Yes, we got a few outside scenes that didn’t involve the main characters together, but the story always jumped back quickly to what I was ready to read about.

I’m giving 4 stars, but really it’s almost 4.5, so how about we say it’s 4.25, lol. I can’t really decide.

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