Monday, February 4, 2013

Groupie by Ginger Voight

GROUPIE WAS AMAZING!! I love my Rockstar books. This has been on the Rock Star Love- the EPIC list of Rock Star Books  for some time and I finally got a chance to read it. LOVED IT! If you ever fantasize about what it would be like to actually be with a Rockstar, you need to read this. It not only goes into details about the steamy situations you can get in with a Rockstar but also goes from before the band ever really hits it big and how they can change and manipulate when they hit that rock stardom point. You will find out exactly why you should never fall in love with a rock star, lol. I couldn’t put it down; I wanted more and more…..and now I’m getting more. I’m currently reading book 2, Rockstar and book 3 was released yesterday, Mogul.

The emotional frenzy I was sent into was intense. I had to hide away in my room all day just so my family would stop talking. Normally, they leave me alone to read, but they were in a VERY            chatty mood today (or maybe I was just being insensitive, lol). This book made my stomach upset. Just when I though, whew, okay, we are safe now….something else would happen….and that happened A LOT! I don’t know if my guts can take reading Book 2, but my heart says I have to. Everyone says book 2 is more intense and even better than book1, I’m almost scared…the intense part heeds warning, lol.

The book starts off fast and intense, I was in 1%, maybe page 2 or 3 and read:

All I wanted in that moment was to forget. To go back in time and erase an unbalanced relationship that had been doomed from the start. For his sake, and for mine.

I know I was in for a crazy ride.

Andy is a freelance writer. She has a few friends in high places and lands a job writing for an up and coming rock band. Awesome, right? WRONG! At first it is pretty awesome, Andy gets to go to parties and concerts and even bump elbows with a few celebrities. She is warned by all of her friends not to fall for Vanni (the front man for DIB), he is not a relationship kind of guy and can’t give her what she needs. Does anyone ever listen to their friends warning…hell no!

I had just been hit by lightning- and his name was Giovanni Carnevale.

Vanni and Andy become closer and closer during the months after they first met. They have late night conversations, text and emails. She is hooked. She needs Vanni more after each time they talk. When she finally gets to see him again and HUGE issue is dropped in her lap. She hates him after this. She doesn’t want to be used as a toy and lead on for his game. But in Hollywood, nothing is ever as it seems…. right?

It was photo after photo, press clipping after press clipping, of Vanni with a beautiful, lithe brunette who looked like a South American supermodel.

Andy gets tangled in a web of lies. Everyone is fake and like Vanni’s warning, nothing is ever as it seems. Andy tries to find a balance between the fake and her reality but the lines keep getting crossed. She is a whirlwind of mess and the drama that Vanni puts her through makes it worse. Over the course of 3 years Vanni and Andy become almost as close as 2 people can become, only to be ripped apart again by Vanni’s selfishness and lies.

The ending will fuck your mind. After a stalker issue gone wrong, leaving 2 people injured and one dead Andy is forced to make a life changing decision.

This book was so much fun. It was filled with ups and towns and twists and turns; many happy moments, and many, many angry moments. I can’t wait to continue the story with Rock Star. I hope the lies and betrayal continue….it probably wouldn’t be much fun without it, lol.

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