Monday, February 11, 2013

Rocked Under (Rocked #1) by Cora Hawkes

Did you love Thoughtless? Did you love Beautiful Disaster? You know I did….. this book reminds me of both meshed together with a little something else added. I loved it! Don’t get me wrong. Thoughtless and Beautiful Disaster are both one of a kind and hold a special place in my heart, but if you enjoyed them, I know you will enjoy Rocked Under. I see book 2 morphing into something fun, emotional and angsty.

I loved the book, but there were a few parts when I was like really, is this happening again? And I had my, just shut up and kiss her already moments, but all of that builds up to the end, and the wanting and waiting and getting pissed off was all worth it.

I liked the characters, but something was missing. I can’t quite place it. I connected with them, but at the same time I didn’t. I wish I could pin point exactly what it was, it’s just like I needed something more. Scott’s character was great. He is a womanizing, bad boy, rock star. I swooned over him, but not near as much as I hoped I would.

Even though I didn’t connect with the characters as much as I wanted, I still really enjoyed the book and storyline as a whole.

Emma moves with her mom to the US. She lives with her cousin, Ashley below Ashley’s long time friend, Scott. Ashley warns Emma from the beginning Scott is a womanizer. He doesn’t do girlfriends, and is pretty much a one night stand guy.

Ashley talks Emma into going out with her one night to the local bar. She hasn’t met many people yet and thinks it will be a good way to make new friends. Emma is immediately drawn to the guy on stage singing his heart out.

I was blown away again at the beauty of him. Dark, silky overgrown hair, which was a sexy mess, hung over his right eye until he swept it back. He had high cheeks and full lips, which were almost making out with the mic. He was outstanding…

Emma later finds out that the guy she was oogling on stage is Scott. She is disgusted with herself. She has never looked at someone like they were man candy before. This isn’t the person she is. She’s also disgusted that she is attracted to the womanizer, she doesn’t do one nighters, so she knows there is no way she can ever get involved with Scott.

Emma and Scott have a rough start. She is determined that he is some horrible person and demands all kinds of answers from him.

“I’m not into relationships.” He shrugged as if it was nothing, but I knew he was lying. “So basically, you sleep around because you can get away with it and you think that having a girlfriend would hinder you and you’d get bored.”.

Emma and Scott finally make it over the hating each other part of their “friendship” as Emma starts to see another side of him.

To the outside world he was Scott Mason; bad boy and womanizer, In private, he was Scott Mason; caring and loyal friend.

Scott has this crazy protective thing going on when it comes to Emma. If she is ever I a situation that is slightly inappropriate he breaks it up and always threatens to beat any guy that touches her. Emma is confused. Scott hates her, then he is her friend and now he acts like a crazed lunatic whenever she is just trying to have fun.

There was a storm gazing at me, and anger emanating from him that made me flinch. “I can’t stop wanting you and seeing you with As is- it’s driving me fucking crazy.”

This leaves Emma even more confused. It like, she wants him but she knows the kind of person he is so she avoids him. He says he wants her, yet he brings home a different girl every night and has all of these anger issues when Emma questions him about anything.

Scott continues trying to tell Emma what to do, who she can and can’t see. She is going insane with the back and forth that she keeps getting from him.

“I don’t belong to you. In fact, no one belongs to you,” I sniped and then felt bad. Why didn’t I know when to keep my mouth shut?

Okay, so I loved the story. I liked the characters, but I needed a little more. I swooned over Scott some, I’m pretty sure I will swoon over him way more in book 2 since it looks like his band is going on tour J I can’t wait for book 2. I have this gut feeling that it will be awesome!

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