Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tour Stop: Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel by Kristen Ashley Part Two

We had the chance to sit down with Tyra and Tabby from Chaos. For those of you who don't know who they are. Tyra a.k.a Ty-Ty or Cherry is married to Tack Allen from Motorcycle Man and Tabitha a.k.a Tabby or Tab is his daughter. We love these ladies and had a fun time visiting with them.

Melissa: Okay, Tyra we will start with you; What is it like being married to Tack Allen?

Tyra: Just like you read. Sometimes challenging. Sometimes infuriating. All the time worth every second. The man walked through a hail of gunfire to save my life. That says it all.

Then there's always the times when he breaks out the Cool Whip. Just to note, those times make it worth every second, too.

[Tabby breaks in] Hello! Dad's daughter? I am in the room, you know.

[Tyra smiles and ignores Tabby, but says to Ashley and Melissa] She won't, obviously, but I think you girls get me.

Ashley: Oh, we definitely get you!! 

Melissa: How do the other bikers and old ladies treat you now that you are the head old lady?

Tyra: Chaos is a family. An unusual one, but a family. We all have each other's backs. We all give each other space when that's expected. The bottom line is, they all respect Tack so they'd respect me as Tack's woman, even if they had to pay lip service to do it. But anyone has to behave in a way that deserves respect. I guess I do, so I get it.

[Tabby breaks in again] You do, you so totally deserve it.

[Tyra grins at Tabby] Thanks honey.

[Tabby looks to Ashley and Melissa] It's true. Ty-Ty is the bomb.

Melissa: How do you feel about so many women fantasizing about your man, now that your story is out?

Tyra: Well, he's in my bed every night so that makes it easy. Sorry ladies!

[Tab puts hands over ears and eyes to the ceiling]

[Ashley, laughing at both Tyra ad Tabby]

Melissa [laughing]: Very well said!

Melissa: Tell us your favorite memory of Tack. What about your favorite memory as a family?

Tyra: This is hard to choose. I took one look at my man and he colored my world so there are so many of them, I've lost count. But if I had to pick just one... when I found out about Elliott and I was worried about Lanie and I'd started crying and Tack was rubbing away the tears and said, "Baby, I can't keep up," that one sticks out. Because, at the time, I didn't really know him, but what I knew of him I wasn't sure I liked. But through his actions that said he wanted to ease my pain, rub it away, and it upset him he couldn't keep up... I should have known right then precisely what kind of man he was. Unfortunately, it took me a while to figure it out. But I finally got it.

[Tabby...muttering] Dad totally rocks.

Tyra: As for us as a family, there was a beauty in dealing with Tabby's situation way back when. There was emotion there. Something awful had happened and if we, as a family, or a budding family at that time, didn't handle it right, Tabby would have suffered. We had to be there for her but she had to learn a difficult life lesson. I think we did all right with that and it laid a foundation for our future that was and still is very sweet. I live it every day. And I love every day I live it.

Tabby: Love that you do and just love you, Ty-Ty.

Tyra: Love you too, honey.

Melissa: How do you picture your life in 10 years?

Tyra: You know what? I picture it the same. Exactly the same, Me, my man, my boys, my Tab, our home, our Club, our business, sticking together day to day, dealing, and always together in the end. Surety. Safety. That's a hell of a life and I'm glad I get to live it. It sounds funny and maybe not that interesting... though, with Chaos, that is never true. But the truth is, my world is so full, it's vibrant. Then, now... always.

Ashley: Okay Tabby, your turn in the hot seat. What was it like growing up in the MC World?

Tabby: When you grow up with something, and you don't know any different, then it really isn't "like" anything but what you know as life and family. I do know this from having a spell outside that world, having a family that's loyal and extensive is a very good thing. I learned that growin' up. Shy learned that a different way.

Ashley: Are you close to any of the bikers and their families?

Tabby: All of them, though some of them more than others. Big Petey and I are tight. High is a crazy man, but he makes me laugh... when he doesn't make me want to scream. I've always liked Hop, like, a lot, but I like him a heck of a lot more now, with what he did with Lanie. But really, the new guy is the one I wanna get to know, but I haven't been able to do this. He's a little closed off. And Shy isn't saying anything! And when one of the brothers isn't saying anything, they aren't gonna do it, so I guess I'll just have to watch that play out.

Tyra to Tabby: Do you think High is crazier than Boz?

Tabby: Totally.

Tabby to Ashley and Melissa: Though, only a little bit.

Tyra to Tabby: The new guy... are you talking about Joker?

Tabby: Yeah.

Tyra... murmuring: Mm... I get you on that one. That boy's a bit of a mystery.

[Ashley and Melissa raise eyebrows and look at each other]

Ashley: What's it like having Tack Allen as your dad?

Tabby: I can't say things weren't shaky for a while, what with the whole Shy thing and all, because they were. But he's my Dad and he's always been there for me.

I have a girl. She had a tough life at home growing up, but she didn't have someone like Dad to show that kind of love. That kind of love that's just pure, even if it can sometimes be tough. My Mom was a bitch and I struggled with that, but I would have been a whole other person if Dad didn't kick in and show me his kind of love. But more, show me what I should expect from a man in my life, especially the man I give my heart to.

Sometimes, for everyone, growing up sucks, and in my life, I had times when it did. With Dad, though, looking back, those times with him never sucked. They were always beautiful and they led me to know what to expect to make the rest of my life beautiful. So I dreamed that dream. And I got my dream.

Ashley and Melissa: *sigh*

Ashley: How has life changed since Tyra came into your life?

[Tabby smiles at Tyra then looks back to Ashley and Melissa]

Tabby: With bikers come biker babes so there were always a lot of women around the Club. Some not so good ones, like BeeBee, and some good ones, really good ones, like Dog's old lady, Sheila.

[Tyra, under her breath] BeeBee, blast from the past. Bee-atch.

[Tabby makes an "eek" face to Ashley and Melissa, which they return]

For a girl, though, it's her Mom. And my Mom sucked. I'd heard that Moms, the good ones, are Moms when you're growin' up, and they become friends when you stop growing. I knew I'd never have that and they say you can't miss something you've never had, but with something like that, they're wrong. So, to say it was awesome when Ty-Ty entered my life and I knew I was gonna get that is an understatement. Someone you love. Someone you trust. Someone you know who'll do right by you. Someone who's an example but encourages you to be just who you are. I got that all when I got Tyra and obviously, that's a lot.

[Tyra reaches out and grabs Tabby's hand. Tabby's fingers curl around, hold tight and she keeps going]

But, see, that really isn't the most important part. The important part is, my Dad is a good guy and I always wanted him to be happy. With Mom, he wasn't. That whole thing was way not good. But with Ty-Ty and the boys, he's happy. He laughs all the time. The way he looks at her, talks to her. I love it that she has that from Dad because I love her. But I love it more that Dad has that from Tyra. Because he's a good Dad. Because he fought hard and long for good things for his family, his Club, and with what he gave all of us, he deserves to get it back.

[Tyra continues to hold Tabby's hand but drops her head to look at her lap and visibly swallows]

And, just sayin', he thinks it's hilarious you all think he's all that. Just the other day, he did something that was so Dad and Ty-Ty got all pissy and shouted, "Wish all those women knew you did exactly that, Kane Allen!" and Dad burst out laughing and said back, "Those women would eat it up." Tyra obviously couldn't reply because he was right. As usual.

[Tyra lifts head and breaks in]

Tyra: I think it's because they know about the Cool Whip.

Ashley: YES! It's the Cool Whip ;)

[Tabby ignores Tyra and Ashley]

As for me, I love it that you love my Dad. I try not to think of all the ways you love my Dad, but I love it that you do.

Because there's a lot of love.

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