Sunday, April 7, 2013

Amazon Best Selling Author Rue Volley is touring her entire Double Gun Dealer series!!!!

The Double Gun Dealer series is a fast paced, adreniline filled ride you will never forget. It is written in true Tarantino fashion with strong elements of anime influenced action scenes. 6 books in length this series is sure to entertain you as each book and each demon hunter are connected in a way you never expect pushing the story along and drawing you in till the last line. This series is being shopped to top anime companies in Japan and will hopefully be picked up no later than 2014 for release on blu ray. Pick up your copies now and find out why two guns are better than one.
About the Author:
Rue Volley is a best selling author, graphic artist and photographer. She splits her time between writing and designing covers for books. She owns "Rue View" magazine and RV Radio, both dedicated to helping those in the Indie Arts get more exposure. She hosts multiple groups on facebook, all dealing with promotion and marketing for artists.She is signed to Vamptasy Publishing and also writes for Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly publishing and Hot Ink Press.

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