Tuesday, April 23, 2013

REAL (Real, Raw & Ripped #1) by Katy Evans

A fallen boxer.
A woman with a broken dream.
A competition…
He even makes me forget my name. One night was all it took, and I forgot everything and anything except the sexy fighter in the ring who sets my mind ablaze and my body on fire with wanting… Remington Tate is the strongest, most confusing man I’ve ever met in my life. He’s the star of the dangerous underground fighting circuit, and I’m drawn to him as I’ve never been drawn to anything in my life. I forget who I am, what I want, with just one look from him. When he’s near, I need to remind myself that I am strong–but he is stronger. And now it’s my job to keep his body working like a perfect machine, his taut muscles primed and ready to break the bones of his next opponents . . . But the one he’s most threatening to, now, is me. I want him. I want him without fear. Without reservations. If only I knew for sure what it is that he wants from me?
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I pretty much just panted my way through this entire book. Remington "Riptide" Tate is a freaking sexy beast, the kind of man that can turn you to liquid with just one look.
His lips curl and meet my gaze. "Brooke Dumas." He just fucked my name right in front of me. And right in front of Mel. And as I feel his tongue twist roughly around those two words, his voice sinfully dark, like things you crave to eat but really shouldn't, desire swells between my legs. His eyes are hot and almost proprietary when he looks at me. I've never been stared at like this before.
Seriously ladies, you may want to stand over a fan while reading this one, it is just that HOT!! I think it is safe to say that Remington Tate has taken over for all book boyfriends in the history of book boyfriends. I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVED this book, I'm so glad this story isn't over and Katy will bring us more Remington and Brooke because I'm not ready to let go just yet.

Remington "Riptide" Tate is a badass, the king of the underground boxing world. He doesn't come to play he comes to own you. But underneath all of that is a man that just wants to be understood and accepted for him not "Riptide". He has issues (Oh, how I love a tortured soul) that will break your heart and make you want to cuddle him up and love him forever. He has a side that very few see, everyone is standing around with their hands out or waiting to take him down, it's a constant battle to stay on top when it seems that the whole world is against you, even yourself.

Bring in Brooke Dumas, another tortured soul who can't seem to overcome her past, her broken dreams. She has tried to move on, to become a sports therapist but with no callback from job interviews even that is beginning to look hopeless. Until she meets "Riptide". He offers her a job she can't refuse, join his team and keep him in top shape for the remainder of his tour, all the way to the BIG FIGHT. Brooke would be a fool to turn this down, but can she keep things between them professional when all she wants to do is crawl all over him?
“There he is, a woman's living, breathing fantasy, doing his slow, cocky turn, spiky black hair, darkly tanned chest, dimpled smile-killer smile-all in the package of Remington Tate. He's perfection itself, and a new surge of hormones sweeps through me as I do what the rest of the crowd does and take in his visual, so blatantly on display in those low riding boxing shorts and so strikingly sexy, he becomes the center of my attention. The center. Of my. World.”

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