Friday, December 7, 2012

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Okay, let me start off by saying....I. LOVE. ALICE. CLAYTON...She is a woman after my own dirty, perverted heart!! She is Brilliant, Hilarious, Witty, Amazing, Etc.... the list goes on and on. This is my first read by her, but will NOT be my last. Seems I've been missing out on all the awesomeness that is Alice Clayton. Now on to the book itself. It's hot, steamy, sexy, romantic, funny, Fan-freaking-tastic and did I mention HOT and STEAMY!!! I couldn't put this book down, I was captivated from the very first "OH, GOD." Thump. "Oh, God." Thump thump. What the... "Oh, God, that's so good!" Yes, ladies those thumps are from the neighbor and he is bringing it home as Alice so cleverly puts it!

Caroline has just moved in to her boss's old apartment, it's a dream apartment in a great location and the rent is so cheap she would have been crazy not to accept the offer. Everything in her life is going great, she has her dream job for the best boss ever and two of the best friends a girl could as for, the only thing missing in her life is her "O"...yes, the BIG "O"'s been missing for months and nothing she does is bringing it back.

 "I'd been on a bit of a dry spell for a while. A very long while. Bad, rapid-fire sex and an ill-timed one-night stand had robbed me of my orgasm. She'd been on vacation for six months now. Six long months."
Caroline is frustrated and irritated and has tried everything, but "O" is M.I.A. She has decided that she is going to forever remain O-less. On her first night in the apartment, just as she settles in for the night she hears.....screaming and wait....was that a thump....yes it was and it's a continuous thumping, so hard it knocks the picture above her bed off the wall causing it to land on her head. She has to endure this torture night after night, from spanking to meowing (yes, you read it right, I said meowing) to giggling and ALL THAT THUMPING she has had enough, she storms across the hall to confront him.
Caroline is stunned speechless when her neighbor, Simon opens the door wearing nothing but a sheet and smirking at her. OMG..... " I gazed down his long, lean body. He was tan, but not a premeditated tan-outdoorsy tan, weathered tan, manly tan. His chest rose and fell as he panted, his skin coated in a thin sheen of sex sweat. As my eyes traveled down further I say a smattering of dark hair low on his torso, which led below the sheet. Below the six pack, below that V that some men have, and which on him didn't look weird or bowflexed."
After she snaps back to reality they have it out in the hallway, both deciding they don't like each other. After successfully avoiding each other for a few weeks, they have a run in at a party and are forced together by their friends. Seeing as they have no way around having to endure each other's presence they call a "truce" and oh boy what a truce it is.....
I'm stopping the review their because I don't want to give anymore away. I want you to experience this for yourself. Wallbanger is a book that I will be reading again and again and again!!


  1. I absolutely LOVED Wallbanger. If you liked Wallbanger, I would HIGHLY recommend the Redhead series!!!

  2. It's my next read. I'm sure it's just as funny as Wallbanger and I can't wait!!!!!