Thursday, December 20, 2012

Serial Summer by Angel Lawson

I loved this book! I did not want to put it down. I know I say that all the time about books, but it's so true. There are several books that I never want to end and this is one of them. What did I love most about the book....this may be cheesy, but it was the location, lol. I live about 45-60 minutes from where the book takes place (well, if I guess correctly based on the landmarks mentioned, lol) and that just made my day! Everyone knows that I love the south and anything that takes place in the south is A-OK with me! Oh...and my 2nd favorite thing....the main character is Paige Barnes----that is my maiden name!!! lol

This books takes place in 3 short installments, or you can get a copy that has all 3 parts in one. That's what I did, I don't think I would have been able to take waiting on the next book to come out if I bought them one at a time.

Paige is on the run from everything. College, her ex and life in general. Her mom is a writer and just bought a camper and will be staying the summer at the beach. Perfect time for Paige to tag along and escape everything.

Paige's mom writes about serial killers (hence the name, Serial Summer). I loved this about her! She gets out in the field and researches her topics and is really hands on with it all. The killer she is writing about now is a REAL killer (like really!) I looked it up because I am from the area and had never heard of him. It freaked me out! Who knew that happened in this little ol community! topic, lol.

So Paige finds her escape in Ocean Beach, SC. Something is off, everyone seems to know her Mom and her Mom is hiding something about her past from her. They have more of a friendship relationship than a Mother/Daughter one so Paige pushes it aside and focuses on her problems.

She meets cousins she didn't know she had and helps her mom research her book. All of this is enough for her to get her mind off things...that is until she meets Justin...(ahhh, Justinnnn) lol. I was so in love with Justin. He has the southern gentleman charm, works hard for what he has and works hard for what he wants. Justin is a college graduate, beach bum and kind of a business man too.

Paige finds the escape she is looking for in Justin, but it comes with many warnings from family friends to not hurt him...he has trust issues. Paige's past shows up at her door one day and she dowsnt know what to do. All she wants is to escape, and maybe have a summer fling....but is that smart with someone who clearly wears his emotions on his sleeve?

I loved everything about this book!. It took me back to summertime and summer loves. Ahh, it was sweet and addicting. I want nothing more than for there to be a 2nd book so the story can continue.

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  1. This book sounds cute and perfect for a light summer read.
    Great Review!:)