Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cover Reveal- Blood Sake (A Faetale Trilogy) by Leigh Songstad

Book Blurb:
In the secret world of the Fae, forbidden soul mates find themselves at the mercy of two Kings who are determined to destroy one another. 

Born from the ashes of illusion, Chastin and Ariana’s love becomes the catalyst of an endless war. As time becomes their enemy, destiny becomes their only hope. Will they be able to overcome the barriers that could irrevocably shatter this eternal love? 
Purely cosmic and absolutely electrifying, Blood Sake lights up its pages with magical folklore that captivates its readers and leaves everyone asking for more.
Expected to release Spring, 2013
Teaser #1
Before I even take a step toward the ocean, I see him. From the water, Chastin surfaces with grace, sauntering toward me like a predator from the sea granted life for a day on land and I would inevitably be his first victim.

He is a hunter and I am his prey. He is seduction and I am powerless, immobilized by his gaze I would willingly lie down on the sands while he devoured me. He knows it I can see it in the pleased grin that curves his tantalizing lips slowly upward. And it pisses me off. Unmoving, I pray for my feet to return to my command, my eyes to divert their attention, for god sakes my voice to work and tell him exactly what I think: that he was the most gorgeous creature I have ever seen. No, no no! That is not what I want to say. Where has my anger gone, my courage?

Chastin stops dangerously close to me and bends down to retrieve his shirt from the sand. As he pulls it over his head, I have a brief moment to stare at taught muscles that stress tight as he drags his shirt down.

I stare into his cool, blue eyes. “Did you enjoy the sights Mrs. Whitmore?” He asks, water gluing his shirt to his chest.

“Sights?” Is all I can manage to sputter out? Damn him.

“The island, I assumed you were taking a walk.”

My anger returns full force. Thank god! “How could I do anything else, there is no way off this God forsaken place. Why did you bring me here?” I fold my arms across my chest as he smiles and my knees nearly buckle. “How the hell did you leave anyways?”

“Swearing in unbecoming of you Ms. Whitmore.” Castigating me while he runs his hands through his hair. Coerced, water trickles down his neck.

“Answer my question.” I demand, proud that I am standing my ground while the water lingers. My desire to taste the saltwater mixed with his skin is nearly unbearable.

“The same way you arrived.” Monotony drips off his words as he speaks.

“You expect me to believe you can just pop out of thin air whenever you want? How stupid do you think I am?”

Unexpectedly he laughs. “Pop out of thin air?” Shaking his head at me. “An interesting choice of negligĂ©e to take a dip in.”

Chastin extends a hand and lifts the strap that had fallen off my shoulder. He manages to slide the elastic back where it belongs without the slightest touch of his fingertips. Heat spreads over my cheeks, burning as bright as a day’s worth of sunburn and that is when realization dawns, I am scalding him in my bra and underwear! I quickly bend down and grab my clothes, clutching them to my chest. How could I have forgotten? Oh yeah because I had been caught like a deer in the headlights staring at him, drool was probably was at the corner of my mouth and I didn’t notice that either.

Teaser #2
Damn the conscious! Where was my sensible, deliberative self when I plotted this stupid scheme? Thankfully, the doors are unlocked and I can walk into his office. It looks…different. Maybe because I’m not supposed to be in here and my criminal act is distorting my vision.

An entire wall is lined with books. I skim the spines looking through his collection. I wonder if he's read them all? If he sits in here with the door locked while I drive myself to near insanity trying to catch him and talk about what the hell is going on. During my rants and workouts he is probably in here, laughing at me; mocking me and my inexperience in life. He knows more than he is letting on and it is unacceptable. Thus, my reason for breaking and entering; to me, my actions are justified. However, if I’m caught they will quickly unravel, free of reasoning.

I can’t help but take my snooping a bit further than the books he owns. Sitting behind his intimidatingly presidential style desk, I look through his drawers. His things are oddly normal; he has bank account statements, pens, pencils, paper clips.

In another drawer I find documents written in French; I can read some of it but I haven’t taken a language course since high school. They are real estate deeds; he owns a great deal of property. One of the listings is for 6.9 million. More information that doesn’t help; I already know he is well off in the financial department. He is a gorgeous, wealthy, otherworldly man.I want to know exactly what kind of otherworldly category he falls into, and, I want him to notice me like I notice him.

I slam the drawer shut. Nothing. There is absolutely nothing in his desk that says ‘I am a…’. I blow my bangs out of my eyes, exasperated by the lack of information. Pushing away from his desk, I stand. On the shelves behind his desk are an assortment of cd’s. His musical taste traditional, nothing new. It fits him.

I open a jar and look inside; it is full of M’ & M’s. I laugh at the find. So he collects weapons and books, likes classical music and chocolate. I grab a handful of candy, but my hand gets stuck and I end up spilling the entire jar on the floor, candy scattering everywhere.

“Just perfect. Break into his office and dirty his candy,” I say, talking to the scattered sweets. On my hands and knees, I collect the candy. I refuse to leave one piece behind, evidence I have been in here. But he doesn’t need evidence, he has proof.

“Find what you are looking for?”

His voice cuts through me. Head down, I squeeze my eyes shut, wishing I would have fallen off the balcony, wishing I could melt like the M & M’s in my hand.
About the Author:
Leigh says- "I am married with 3 wonderful children. I recently graduated from college with a bachelors in Political Science and Human Services. I have always loved reading and writing. Even in college, I got excited to start a new paper and begin my research. To this day I love libraries and the smell of books. And I am a book hoarder! I still believe one day I am going to have a room lined with bookshelves and have a place to store them This will be my first book and I couldn't bring myself to tell the whole story in one book, so I made it a trilogy. I am excited to share it with everyone and look forward to publishing in the Spring."
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