Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Eternal Eden (Eden Trilogy #1) by Nicole Williams

I picked this book up months ago when searching for free books. I didn’t read it right away because as everyone, I have so many books on my TBR list. One day I was surfing my books and was like wait, what!? I have something else by Nicole Williams?! (I’m a big Crash fan, lol) And the rest is history….as soon as I realized this was written by THE Nicole Williams I jumped on it!

There are a lot of negative reviews on this book, but there are also a lot of good reviews, I was torn on how I would feel about it, I was not disappointed. After reading the book and then seeing all of the negative reviews, I was really bummed out! But, everyone has an opinion and we can’t all like the same thing, so that is that, lol.

I really enjoyed reading Eternal Eden. It was different than everything else I have currently been reading. It was refreshing and sweet. It is a YA book and you can tell because it still holds that sweet innocence that only a young adult would have. Young love is always fun to read about.

If you read and enjoyed The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen or The Providence series by Jamie McGuire, I know you will love this book. Other readers have compared it to Twilight, but I didn’t really get that feeling from it. It’s not exactly like either of those books, but I got the same feeling of warmth and excitement from this book that I got from those.

Bryn Dawson has so much misfortune in her life. She decides to leave the life that she had and start a new one where she isn’t known and can try to blend into the background of everyone else. Bryn fills her life with anything that she can to stay occupied. She excels in all of her studies and is in pretty much any club she can join, including the chess club, lol.

I didn’t need the whole college experience to better define me.

Bryn also has the responsibility of showing around new student on campus. That is how she meets William. She has a negative opinion of him right away.

Super- a rich, entitled, womanizer. My favorite kind of human being to be around.

It seems like Bryn can’t shake William. He keeps showing up, always in the most unexpected places. He is attractive and Bryn clearly sees the affect he has on other girls, but knows that she could never date him.

Guys like him didn’t like girls like me. I knew that. Everyone knew that-

William and Bryn end up having a deep conversation one night. He wants to know if she believes in the one. And if so, why doesn’t she date anyone.

“I want to be with one person forever. I don’t want to date my way through guys until I’ve forgotten just what I was looking for in the first place and end up settling for the next one that comes along”.

Despite everything that Bryn fights so hard to believe, she still falls hard for William. She knows he is different from anyone she has ever met, almost too wise beyond his age. Bryn has to decide how much she is willing to sacrifice to be with William.

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