Sunday, December 30, 2012

Deadly Deception (Deadly Series) by Andrea Johnson Beck

Deadly Deception

When I started reading this book, I wasn't too sure how I would feel about it. I felt like I was reading it way too fast and I wasn't getting to know the characters well enough. By the middle of the book, I was soooo over that! All I wanted to do was keep turning the pages and read faster and faster to know what was going, what was going to happen and who was lying! The lies, the lies! The lies were killing me, but it was the read so worth it! Things I never expected to happen happened, people I really thought were good were bad, ahh, it was just such a thrill!

"I am so pissed at the both of you. This is something out of the Sopranos. This kind of stuff doesn't happen here."

"You'd be surprised, and these people are dangerous. They will come after you, so let it be."

Anne is a psychotherapist living in the city with her fiance, Adam. They two of them are just too in love!

"I'm madly in love with you, Anne, and I want you in my life always." Adam's baritone voice melted against her ear. "You were meant to find me, to save me, to love me and I can't wait to be your wife. And I'm not going anywhere. You're stuck with me," Anne said, kissing the curves of his carved chin.

Even with all of the love in the world from Adam, Anne is still haunted by the death that surrounds the ex love of her life, Carter. His death was just too sudden. She had the explaination of what happened, she just couldn't believe it and it haunted her dreams.

Anne finds a folder in her office with pictures of Carter from the camping trip he took when his life was taken from him. Attached to the folder is a note in Carter's handwritting addressing it to My Annelise. He is the only person that calls Anne by her proper name. She goes into panic, a state of shock. She doesn't know what to do. Is Carter really dead?

She begins to learn that the new love of her life, Adam, may have had something to do with Carter's death. What is she to do!? She loves Adam, but can she trust him? Is he really with her because he loves her too or is he using her for something that she knows nothing about?

The ending is the kicker! I did not expect the end of the book to turn out like it did. I was so involved, and now I NEED the 2nd book!! Please Andrea, write faster!!!

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