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Waiting For You by Shey Stahl Tour Stop

Blurb: Bailey Gray is tired of her perfectly planned life. Everything about her life has been organized and lived out to the expectations set of her parents. She is the class valedictorian, has perfect grades, the perfect friends, a perfect boyfriend, basically perfect life...or so everyone thought. That's when she realizes the path planned isn't always the path chosen. On graduation day she makes a decision. One that changes everything she thought she knew about her intended future. On a whim, she runs away with the town rebel, Dylan Wade, in search of the unknown. Dylan Wade isn't looking to run away from anything. He knows what he wants as he's been waiting on it for years. On a journey to find the unknown, they discover a friendship they once knew along the open highway and have not a care in the world. Between the yellow and white lines of the heated summer asphalt, a spark draws them together as Dylan's past and Bailey future try to ripe them apart. Could it be that Dylan and his GTO are exactly what her perfectly planned life needs?
“Some say a sunset can be too beautiful for words.I'd agree with that.There are a lot of things too beautiful for words for me.To me, it was the earth's way of saving the best for last.”

The following morning we got up early intending on making it to Oklahoma City that night.
 “You know what every road trip needs?” Dylan asked as we passed through Holbrook, a landscape that offered nothing but tumbleweed and the occasional dead animal alongside the road.
I laughed handing him his water bottle that had slide toward me when he jerked the steering wheel to avoid yet another dead animal. “A portable shower and a tent?”
 “Both good ideas but I was thinking more for entertainment.”
 “What?” I gave him a curious smile.
 “A CB radio,”
The idea seemed good to me so we stopped at a sporting goods store Dylan noticed off the highway and purchased a tent, sleeping bags, a cooler, a lantern, flares, the CB radio, flashlights and some first aid supplies.
After putting all the supplies in the trunk, Dylan hooked up the radio.
For one hundred miles, we switched from station to station looking for something entertaining. That’s when we settled on channel two.
There were these crazy lunatics on the station, Chaz and Reeper.
Dylan was thoroughly entertained by them. I’d never seen him laugh that much. He went on to tell me that if we were going to travel, we needed to hear shit like this.
 “Breaker breaker, one ninety…” the radio cracked before we heard, “Shit man, we’re talking about a female that weighs two-ninety-five and solid as a fucking rock.”
 “Damn, that’s a huge bitch.” Reeper said.
 “She’s next to me son, watch your fucking mouth.”
 “Where ya at, I wanna see her?”
 “You just wanna wrap your ball sack on her lot lizard chin.”
 “Ain’t that the fucking truth?”
Every station was like this but Reeper and Chaz were by far the most descriptive.
 “Damn, this is turning me on,” I said sarcastically fanning myself.
 “Fuck…” Dylan groaned shifting in weight more toward the door, right hand draped over the steering wheel. “What a bunch of raunchy motherfuckers.”
Strolling through the stations, the next station was the same but Dylan made me turn it back to Chaz and Reeper. I think he was beginning to get attached to them. “She’s the fuckin’ whore of B-city.”
 “One of her nipples faced south,” Chaz cackled in a really creeper manner, “the other north.”
This went on for probably another hundred miles and I was beginning to wonder about Dylan when he wouldn’t turn the station from those two creepo’s.
Along the highway near Amarillo, we stopped for food and it happened to be a truck stop. Dylan joked that he wanted to find this Chaz guy and see what he looked like. Naturally, he trolled the parking lot once looking for anyone he thought might resemble him. I hated to inform him that this Chaz, his trucker hero, was probably not here but I didn’t want to squash his dreams.
After trolling the parking lot once, Dylan gave up and we sat across a row of about fifteen log trucks.
We were in the middle of discussing that movie Joy Ride when a trashy woman wearing red peep toe high heels, fish net stockings, a leopard skinned mini skirt and what appeared to be a gold bra, no shirt. Dylan eyed her appearance, a little taken back by her forwardness of approaching his car and gave her a small smile, his weight shifted slightly toward me.
 “Hey baby doll, come stick your shifter in my tranny.”
 Dylan whipped his head around. “What the fuck?” he mouthed with panic-stricken eyes setting his milkshake on the dash.
My eyes were just as wide. I’d never seen anything like this before.
The lot lizard, as the radio had called these type of girls, wasn’t taking no as an answer.
 “I’ll suck your dick sweetie,” she said, eyes scanning the two of us, moving closer trying to hang inside the window, her whorish hand rubbing Dylan’s shoulder.
Dylan looked at me, his eyes pinched together as if he didn’t hear her correctly. Then he laughed once, briefly looking her direction, and then mine. “Is she fucking serious?”
 “I’m sure she is if you’re willing,” I said through my own laughs.
The woman looked to me and winked popping her gum. “I’ll lick your pussy too.”
 “Roll your fucking window up Dylan!” I shouted frantically trying to get my hands on the knob for the window on my side.
 “Oh so it’s suddenly an emergency now?” he said between nervous laughs.
At least he rolled up the window.

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