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Relentless by Cassia Leo Tour Stop & Giveaway

Claire Nixon is a twenty-year-old college dropout with a secret.

Claire, Adam Parker is just another flirty customer at the café, until a chance encounter and seemingly innocent comment spurs a bet between them. The bet is simple: If Adam can get Claire to reveal the secret that made her drop out of college, she has to re-enroll. If he doesn't succeed, she gets to keep her secret and he has to stop stalking her at the café.

Claire thinks she has this one in the bag. She's perfected the art of forgetting her past. But she isn't prepared for Adam's relentless pursuit or for him to share his own secrets. And she's definitely not prepared for her rock star ex, and her secret, to come banging down her door one year later.

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Have you ever started a book and from the very beginning you just had a feeling about it, like you are waiting for the shoe to drop? Well that was me while I read this book. I felt like I was holding my breath just waiting for everything to blow up in Claire's face. The poor girl had a pretty hard life and she learned to cope with it the best way she knew how. I liked her character, her smart mouth was hilarious. Oh, and Adam Parker.... I absolutely loved him! 

At first I was very suspicious of him, he just showed up out of the blue, but the more I read, the more I loved him. He has his own secrets and his own tortured past. Together they have to find common ground and learn to trust each other. Adam makes her laugh with the corny jokes and that's something she hasn't done it awhile, he makes her open up and want to be a better person, but her inner demons threaten to destroy her. Claire must face her past and her secret before she can move on. Just when she thinks there is light at the end of the tunnel, everything comes crashing down around her all at once. Her ex, rock star Chris Knight, her secret and her past threaten to destroy everything she has worked so hard to overcome.

There is a slight cliffhanger ending and even though I was satisfied with the cliffhanger, I can't wait for the second book!! For the record, I am TEAM ADAM!!! There is nothing wrong with Chris, he's just not Adam <3

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Nine Fun Facts About Cassia Leo:
1. Favorite Movies: The Jerk and Waking the Dead.
2. I'm four degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon.
3. Favorite Books: The Book Thief, Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Pact.
4. I'm tri-lingual and I've lived in three different countries; most recently, I spent sic months in Portugal last year.
5. Favorite Movie Quote: From The Jerk, "My Mother gave up everything to put me through cosmetology school," and "What's happening to my special purpose?!" If you've read Relentless you won't be surprised to know that I wrote a techno remix consisting of my favorite lines from Titanic. The first line of the song is, "I see the iceberg and I see it in your eyes." Maybe someday I'll record it and post it on SoundCloud. :-)
6. Favorite Music Artists: Adele, Florence + The Machine, Agnes Obel, The Beatles, Rage Against the Machine.
7. I can do a one-handed cartwheel.
8. Favorite TV shoes: Sex and the City, Homeland, Revenge, So You Think You Can Dance.
9. I drink my coffee black and with a pinch of salt.

Cassia Leo grew up in Florida and moved to California after graduating with a degree in journalism. She worked at two small newspapers before discovering her passion for writing romance. Her favorite color is lavender and her dream is to one day score a record deal based on her awesome shower singing skills.


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