Friday, March 15, 2013

Dark Light (The Dark Light Series # 1) by S.L. Jennings

This book is HOT!! Ahh, the steamy, steamy scenes....the ultimate! I cannot wait to move on to book 2 and find out what is going to happen next. I am hooked. The 2nd I finished I was just like....the fuck? Man, really? Soooooo glad book 2 was recently released, I can jump right into it!

The start of the synopsis is Love. Sex. Magic. This really sums up the book, I would just change the order to....Magic. Sex. Love. lol. Or maybe, Sex. Magic. Love. Either way, this book is awesome!!!

Gabriella is an average 20 year old. She goes out to party with her friends, attends school, works a part time job. Pretty much the regular until her parents throw a brick at her and she questions everything she has ever been and ever will be.

Even though it seems her world is turning upside down, it doesn't stop her from having fun. Enter Dorian :)

What he is...enthralls me. Captivates me. Utterly disarms and beguiles me.

The first time Gabs sees Dorian she is immediately sucked in. The feeling she has is unexplainable and she feels like they are the only 2 in the room. After the initial meeting I couldn't get enough of Dorian. I wanted him to be in every second of the book. Gimme, gimme more!! Lucky for me, Gabriella felt the same way and the 2 became almost inseparable, hence the got steamy scenes :)

Gabriella always feels that Dorian is hiding something, she just can't seem to place it. She knows what her new place in the world is after the reveal from her parents, but she can't seem to figure out how Dorian will fit in to her new world. She couldn't leave him if she wanted to. It's like she is stuck to him forever.

Ahh, Dorian. I would be stuck to him forever, no questions asked, lol. I loved this book. It was everything I like, hot, sexy, entertaining and not  cheesy. I plan on starting book 2 ASAP.


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