Friday, March 29, 2013

Author Spotlight: You Could Be The One by ZZ Robles

Blurb: When Natalie graduated from her masters in Visual Arts, she knew her next step would be to hit it big as the next contemporary artist; but in reality, she had a long way to go, and between the daily routine and the loneliness, she finds herself stuck and uninspired.
Until a new artist from Boston shows up and steals her heart. Their connection sets a spark in her relationship with her next door neighbor, whom she’d been in love for 2 years, placing her in a crossroads.

Natalie would have to discover that she needs to find herself in order to find “The One”.

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About the Author:

ZZ Robles was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She graduated with a Masters in Visual Arts. She has been writing for years but recently decided to self-publish. You Could be the One is her first project.

She resides in South Carolina with her beautiful daughter and their wonderful dog.

For more updates on her current work in progress check, ZZ Robles Novels on Facebook, as she works on building her website.

Teaser #1
The old structure, the wrought iron, the moldy smell, it was almost as if you were there at the time when the Spaniards roamed around this place. It was hard not to feel a bit claustrophobic as the tunnel seemed to be so long and dark.

"This place is eerie." He whispered. He looked back and noticed no one was either behind them or in front of them. The tunnel was getting darker.

A sense of uneasiness set in. Natalie looked at him and touched his arm, like she sensed his tension. She pulled him a bit closer to her and smiled.

"You're enjoying my vulnerability right now, aren't you," he asked as he glanced at her. Her laughter echoed throughout the tunnel when they heard a random sound.

"Okay, that's enough history. Let's get out of here. I rather watch it from my balcony and read about it on the website." He pulled her back to where they came from.

She couldn't stop laughing.

Teaser #2
She looked up at him; the water still pouring heavily over their heads. The look he gave her, she'd never seen before; lust.

Before she could say anything, he pulled her into the lobby and pushed her against a wall. She tried to break away but he was three times her size and strength. He caged her in. One hand was holding her by the waist, the other on her neck, with his body leaning against hers. Her hands hung limply down her side, trapped by his arms. His face was inches from hers, his eyes deeply set on her.

She couldn't move and the air was slowly running out. His lips covered her mouth and his tongue demanded a reaction from hers. When she gently opened her mouth he caught her bottom lip. Her tongue slowly ran over his upper lip.

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