Saturday, March 16, 2013

Never Too Far by Abbi Glines

THIS ONE IS HOT!! I swear like a million times hotter than book 1. I loved Never Too Far! I like all of Abbi's books, but I think this is now officially my favorite Abbi book. A lot of people developed major crushes on Rush in book 1. I didn't have that connection until book 2. I am in Rush mode now. I need more!!

The dramatics and angst of this book were over the top and just as good, if not better than Fallen Too Far. Even though there were moments I felt that I couldn't breathe because the intensity was so much, I still had to push forward and keep reading. There was no putting this book down. I was hooked.

After the ending in book 1, I had no idea how book 2 would pick up. I felt that I knew where it could go, but I wasn't too sure. Abbi is always full of surprises. So, remember how book 1 ended? And Blaire and Rush were just a little overly excited and bothered to worry about protection.....yea, you get me. Well, of course Rush has no idea what is going on in Blaire's life because they haven't talked in weeks. Blaire is facing the consequence of what the unprotected night did to her but doesn't feel the need to tell heartbroken Rush. She actually doesn't think she needs to tell anyone.

Poor Rush, he doesn't know what to do. He can't function. He is like a zombie. His friends are all worried about him.

“What if she comes back? What will you do?” Grant asked me.

What would I do?

I’d beg.

Lucky for Rush he doesn't to beg her to come back to Rosemary. Something else brings her back to the place full of terrible memories that she thought she would never return to. Even though Blaire doesn't want anything to do with Rush, he still finds a way back into her life.

I'm so glad this book didn't go straight for happy. We had many ups and downs with Rush and Blaire. And many WTF moments. These are the moments that made the book. I'm so addicted and I'm happy to know that we will get to hear more from other characters of the series.

Abbi says:
  • Well Grant has a book that I hope to get out sometime this fall.
  • And then there is Nan… not sure if she should get a book yet or not. We’ll see.
  • Cain may one day get his own book but as of right now I have no story idea in my head for him.

  • Oh, and on a side note. Abbi made a deal with her readers of getting this book into the top 100 (I think...) on Amazon and she would give us a 3rd Blaire and Rush book. Looks like we did it!! Looking forward to another book this summer.

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