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Tour Stop & Giveaway: Resplendent by MJ Abraham

Author: MJ Abraham
Title: Resplendent
Release Date: July 28, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Chicklit

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Savannah Martinez and Andres Rivera have been friends since high school.
She knew him better than anyone else, and he was the only one she ever confided in.

Their friendship was the one brilliant thing they each cherished that wasn’t tarnished by outside forces that wanted them apart.

But fate wasn’t on their side. When she gave him the chance to turn their relationship into something more, he let her go.

Heartbroken and alone, she kept her distance in more ways than one. Now, years later, Savannah is back in town for good and Andres realizes just how empty his life has been without her.

When a secret comes to light, forcing a deeper wedge between them, Andres finds himself fighting for the only woman he has ever loved. Determined to fix the past and make things right, he will go to any length to prove to Savannah that they were meant to be together.

Will fate give them a second chance? Or will those secrets and betrayals ruin the one last chance Andres has of being with the woman of his dreams?

When I made my way back from the lobby, I placed my drink down at an empty cocktail table and watched her.

She was on her second glass of wine and standing in front of the same sexy photograph we had seen earlier, but now she was talking to some asshole. A tall, young, clearly not happily gay guy, and it was irritating to watch. How long had he been trying to weasel his way in? He probably thought he’d be getting lucky tonight. He was eyeballing her in that fucking short as shit dress. Why wasn’t she wearing my jacket? I should’ve given it to her before I walked away. I leave her out of my sight for five minutes and already the vultures are swooping in, waiting to attack. He whispered something to her and she tilted her head back and laughed. Do you think he’s funny, Peach? She was eating up whatever crap he was feeding her! She was a smart girl. She had more common sense than to listen to whatever panty dropping lines he was feeding her. Right? I took another sip of my drink and ran my finger over the rim of the glass.

“Well, aren’t you Mr. Tall, Handsome, and Brooding.” I heard a female voice say next to me.

I looked down to see a short, skinny chick in a sparkly red dress. The front was low enough that I could see the curve of her tits. She glanced down to follow my eyes and smirked.

“Eyes up here, handsome,” she said.

Then why are you wearing that dress?

When I looked back at Peach, our eyes met. She looked almost … disappointed? In what?

“There’s a sushi bar here. We can go and have a drink if you want?” Red Dress explained.

My eyes were still on Peach, and when I saw the guy reach up to tug on one of Peach’s curls, my blood went into overdrive. I crumpled a cocktail napkin in my hand. I’d had just about enough of this loser.

I finished off the rest of my drink and set the glass and napkin down.

“Sorry, sweetheart, I have other plans.” I walked right up to Peach, placed my hand on her waist and leaned in to kiss her shoulder.

“Walk with me?” I asked, looking down at her.

The guy narrowed his eyes on my hands but then handed her a business card. “Let me know, gorgeous,” he said before he turned to leave.

“Let him know what exactly?” I asked her and squeezed her waist lightly. A waitress came by with a tray, and Peach placed her empty glass on top.

“He helps Mr. Di Angelo scout for models.” She smiled shyly and put the card in her purse.

“Well, aren’t you friendly,” I told her, annoyed.

She turned her head slightly to look back at the photograph. “What is it, Dre? You don’t want me, but no one else can have me either?”

What? She couldn’t possibly be serious about me not wanting her. I wanted her with every fiber of my being.

I ran my tongue along my bottom lip and grabbed her hand. “Come with me,” I said and held out my hand for her to grab.

“Go where?” she asked, warily. I wasn’t going to let her go without a fight. I reached my hand up and traced her cheek with the back of my hand, pausing in front of her lips. Her breathing faltered and she walked past me.

I placed my hand on the small of her back, and we walked into the lobby and toward the elevators.

I reached for her hand and brushed it over the front of my pants. “So does it feel like I don’t want you?”

About the Author
MJ Abraham lives in bipolar weather Florida with a husband that makes her laugh and a superhero son that calls her his Princess. She has a degree in Business Administration from Nova University but finds the people in her head to be much more interesting. She is a lover of clever words, reading way past her bedtime, and zombies. She may or may not be as random as her bio.

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  1. Sounds like a great read, I have added to my TBR list. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  2. And my TBR list continues to grow- the book looks great based on the excerpt and blurb, thanks for the giveaway!