Monday, May 27, 2013

Tour Stop: Dark Endings (Dark Brother Book 3) by Bec Botefuhr

He's been gone for months. She doesn't know if he's alive. She's been aching for him.

Willow has suffered, she's been doing the best she can without him. He saved her, he gave up his life for hers. The gang left her alone. She had nothing.

Now they're back. They want to help. They're giving her hope. Can Willow get Jagger back before it's too late? Is she willing to risk her life for him? Is she willing to give it all up to save him?

Come on this wild conclusion to the Dark Brother series, and fall in love all over again! Willow and Jagger will take you on a journey, in search of true love!
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This is the third and final book in the Dark Brother Series and a perfect way to end things. Personally I would love to see books on the other brothers, I love Ace and Angel. This series is one that will go on my TBR again list, I could read it over and over and it would never get old.
I love Willow in this book, as the series has continued we get to see her grow and fight the demons of her past. She has come a long way from the scared girl that was abducted in a night club. Willow misses Jagger and wants him back, but no one is willing to help her get him. With the team turning her down she has no option but try to move on without him.
Jagger has been fighting for his father for months. Nothing but fight after fight and endless nights of missing Willow. He can't come back or he puts her life in danger and that is not acceptable. He hates what his life has become but will do anything to keep Willow safe.
The team decides that they can't go on like this even if they did promise Jagger to stay away no matter what. They have to help Willow, they have to bring Jagger home. There is too much to lose if their plan fails and they can't bring him home.

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