Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review: A Hotel in Paris by Margot Justes

At a professional and emotional crossroad in her life, Minola Grey, an American painter decides that a trip to Paris is just what she needs to re-capture her muse. Soon after her arrival, a murder in the hotel disrupts her peaceful contemplation. Quick on the case is Interpol Inspector Peter Riley, who suspects Minola of holding the oldest profession known to man. Despite his rudeness and hostility, the gratuitous loss of life impacts her deeply and forces her to take action. With an eye for details, Minola's ability to observe the casual occurrences of every day life instilled in her as an artist, and her equally impressive talent to putting it on paper could help bring the case to closure. But when the murderer realizes she knows too much, can Peter Riley keep her safe?

This book was out of the element for what we usually read, but as soon as I saw mystery, romance and MURDER…..I knew I had to check it out! Growing up, I was hooked on Nancy Drew. I have read every Nancy Drew book and some have been read twice, lol. This book reminded me so much of Nancy, just in a grown up version. I loved it! The book also reminded me of The High Heels Mystery series by Gemma Halliday, which I also loved! A Hotel in bath gave me the same fun and a little flirty feeling I have from Halliday, while all the while building a romance that could be hot, but is held back to keep the reader wanting more and more.

Minola and Peter

Our heroine, Minola, seems to be maybe a bit nosey, lol. A murder happens in her hotel and she can’t help but try to figure out the mystery herself along with the help of a friend. Of course, the Chief Inspector forbids her to meddle in the investigation but she does so anyway. Minola is secretly developing feelings for the Inspector without knowing that he too is developing feelings for her. It seems one moment each character is trying to hide how the feel about the other and then in a split second they are sucking face. I very much enjoyed the banter back and forth between the characters along with the who done it mystery aspect of the story. If ever in a rut, and you want to try something different than what we normally read I would say this makes a great rainy afternoon read. 3.5 stars.

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  1. Melissa,
    Thank you for the review. I also happen to love Bones, good choice.