Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: Take Me Back (A Give & Take Novella- 2.5) by Kelli Maine

Rachael DeSalvo is haunted by the past. She's come home to her beloved Turtle Tear Island, where she looks forward to happy days and bliss-filled nights in the arms of Merrick Rocha. But when she finds a trunk full of old photo albums and handwritten notes, Rachael soon realizes that the island has not given up all its secrets . . .

For long before Rachael and Merrick made Turtle Tear Resort their home, this historic island was a haven for sensual, forbidden affairs. As Rachael and Merrick work to restore the grand hotel to its former glory, they will be caught in the perfect maelstrom of conflict and desire.

I normally don’t do reviews for novellas simply because they are so short, but I need to be heard after finishing this one, lol.

I honestly think Kelli is trying to kill me! Literally kill me! Lol. Reading this, I didn’t know if my heart could take it! There is a major bump in the road with Rachael and Merrick and I just wanted to die! I love Rachael and Merrick together and I just can’t imagine what would be to come if there was not a Rachael and Merrick. YES, it’s that serious! Lol.

This novella was AWESOME! Kelli Maine throws in a bit of a spook factor, which I love! It’s not too much that people will be scared, and it’s not too much that people will frown because this is supposed to be contemporary romance. It’s just enough to entice the reader and make them be like…..ooooo where is she going with this. I loved it!

With this book we continue on with the love for Turtle Tear, but also get a look into the passion that is behind the plantation house that is now MJ’s. There is some deceit to the book which of course makes it 10 times better and also a bit of brutal honesty between Merrick and Rachael. Lovers of this series really need to read this! 4 star

Oh, and on a side note. I can't wait for everyone to read and see the play on the name. It totally had me going for a while!

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