Thursday, July 11, 2013

Promo: No Second Chances by R.J. Greer

Another job interview that starts out just like all others, turns into a lustful struggle and control of a wild relationship between a techy UCLA graduate and the horribly damaged yet ravishingly beautiful VP of WCC.

Aaden Macgregor graduated from UCLA with the hopes and dreams of something greater. Destiny Walters is the control freak of a VP that is every man's dirty desire. Destiny's scent broke Aaden's interview fears and drove him to lay eyes upon a queen utterly out of his fantasies. Aaden decides to seize the day and overcome his social challenges by making a once in a lifetime confession that sparks an adventure unlike any other. 

But why would a VP of a international company be interested in a guy full of self doubt? Will this adventure end with each of their wicked desires satisfied or will it turn into the most passionate relationship either has ever experienced?

The author says to keep in mind:
Now really, this is not a typical erotic romance with the Alpha Male and a submissive sweetheart of a girl.  This is about a power hungry, extreme end of a fully independent woman that dominates a submissive and geeky tech graduate.  Aaden tries and tries to take control over their relationship and it leads this couple into a wild adventure full of sexual challenges.

I tried to make Aaden the guy all women would swoon over but instead he came out as a jerk and many readers can't get into him.  Destiny I wrote as a complete hard ass and in control of everything she does.  I wanted everyone to hate her but instead everyone loves her.  It was unexpected and I am thrilled with it.
About the Author:
I am 35, live in the sunny OC California.  I am happily married with 5 children and work a day job.  I have always had a hobby of writing, ever since high school but could never find my niche.  I have started several stories over the years to never finish them.  This is my first attempt into the erotic romance genre and my first published work.  I hope the readers enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it.


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