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Jack Stone is the Dark Master.
A tough man. A hard man - and he is sexy as all hell.

When Jack Stone arrives in the small town of Windswept, Arizona all he wants is answers. What he finds is a sexy woman with a lust for BDSM and a secret the locals will kill to keep.

“On the ground. Face down,” the cop in front of him had had enough. He barked the command, his voice suddenly loud again.

Stone stared at the officer expressionless. Didn’t react, didn’t move. He just stared, eyeball to eyeball for a long time. “The ground is dirty,” he said after a minute. “This is my only t-shirt.” There was no way he was going to lay face-down on the ground. Not for these two country cops. No way.

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"I want you to be on display," the man said. "I want everyone who looks in this window to see what your face looks like as I fill you with my shaft." The woman groaned, a sultry, throaty moan of passion and lust. She nodded her head, and her breathing was ragged and unsteady.

"Yes," she said. "God, yes."

She felt the first inch of him slide within her and he was massively thick and burning hot. She felt herself being stretched, and her body began to thrill and shudder. There was a sudden warm rush of her arousal, molten and uncoiling in the pit of her stomach – and then he was withdrawing himself, teasing her and maddening her with frustration.

"Reach down between your legs," the man said. "Touch yourself and tell me how wet you are." She did as he ordered. Her hand came away glistening with the juices of her excitement. She held her fingers up for him to see. "Write my name on the window," he said. "Use the juices on your fingers to tell the world who owns you." The woman gasped. A thundering jolt of wicked, sexy exhilaration burst over her with a force that buckled her legs. It was the most erotic, sexual moment of her life. "I don't know your name."

The man smiled, and then thrust himself all the way inside the woman with a single fluid stroke. The woman sobbed. She felt her orgasm hit instantly – overcome with a surge of pleasure that had been built up with anticipation, and driven to the very edge by the deliciously wicked way he was dominating her. She cried out – a long deep moan of blissful pleasure and the force of her release filled the darkness behind her closed eyes with an explosion of white flashing lights and dizzy relief.
"Stone," the man said. "My name is Jack Stone."

3.75 STARS!
Jack Stone is one bad ass motha!! This book reminded me of the t.v show Banshee mixed with some Jack Reacher and Jason Statham. It would definitely make one hell of an action packed movie. It has just enough crime, action and sex to keep you intrigued but not so much that one takes away from the other. I was drawn in by the excellent story line, but found it hard to connect with the characters. I'm not a fan of books written in 3rd person or maybe I'm just not use to it, so it held me back a little, but that's just a personal issue. The book was still a really good read and I can't wait to read more about Jack's journey to find his sister.

To everyone else Jack Stone looks like a drifter, just a hitch hiker passing through town, but Jack Stone is on the hunt to find his sister and seek justice and revenge on the people who took her. Each stop brings him one step closer to finding her, gives him one more clue to the mystery of her disappearance.

Vivien really did her home work with this book, she didn't skim over anything. The action was full detailed action like you were standing there watching it and the sex, yea well let's just say that Mr. Stone knows what he's doing in and out of the bedroom ;)

 Author Info:
As a writer of erotic romance, the beauty of the genre is not in creating lavish settings for my stories. Nor is my fascination for erotic romance drawn from the opportunity to create handsome heroes and beautiful heroines.

My real love for the genre stems from the opportunity to take my readers on a journey and engage as many of their emotions as possible. I believe writing erotic romance gives authors the most influence over how a reader feels as we engage them in our stories.

Writers of action books, or horror books certainly can create compelling situations, but with erotic romance we writers can immerse our readers in a multitude of emotions unprecedented in any other form of creative fiction. I can frustrate readers, make them laugh, make them cry, delight them, intrigue them, inform them - erotic fiction is a total emotional experience, and it is gratifying to hear readers respond to stories with passion.

I believe readers want to be engaged and drawn into the pages of a story, and as a writer of erotic romance, we have the greatest opportunity because our stories are always relatable. They may be fictional worlds and fictional characters, but the themes of love and romance and erotica are so universal, and so personal to each of us that we all respond to stories in different ways.
But we all respond. And that’s the true joy of writing erotic romance. It matters not so much how you respond as you read... it matters only that you do respond. If a writer can engage you and make you feel, then the story’s journey is one well worth taking.

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