Monday, April 7, 2014

Song of the Fireflies by J.A. Redmerski

EXCELLENT BOOK!! I love the authors writing style. I really enjoyed The Edge of Never, I didnt care for The Edge of Always but Redmerski picked right back up and landed on my love list with Song of the Fireflies.

Redmerski is brilliant at taking a dark subject and making it into a beautiful book. The conflicts that the characters faced on the book only helped to build a stronger bond with each character. It's almost like they aren't fictional people but people I actually know. It takes a lot to get a bond that strong from a book, but Redmerski excels in that aspect of her writing.

When I reached the ending I kind of expected it. I'm not sure if was because it a bit similar to the ending of The Edge of Never or if I just knewin my gut what was going to happen. Either way, it was excellent. I know it is difficult to write anything that is fully original, it seems most books are similar to each other from many different authors. Redmerski does a brilliant job of making this one not so similar to other works that are out there and she kept me as a reader entertained and ready for more.

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