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Cover Reveal: Never Can Tell by C.M. Stunich

Title: Never Can Tell
Series: Never too Late #1 (follow up to the Never say Never Trilogy)
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Mature - Ages 18
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Release Day: June 20th, 2013
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Want to join Ty and Never on their journey and get ready for the
arrival of book four? Check out the blurb for "Tasting Never", book
one, and find out why we all heart the f*ck out of Ty McCabe!

Tasting Never, a New Adult Novel Recommended for Ages 18 and Up
Never say Never Trilogy: Book One. Book Two, Finding Never, and Book
Three, Keeping Never, are both available now!

"Never Ross wants to be loved.
It's that simple, but it's not that easy."

Never is a girl with a broken soul who doesn't date nice guys and
can't seem to go to bed at night without crying herself to sleep. She
doesn't need any complications in her life, especially not when
they're attached to a man that could be her emotional twin.

Ty McCabe can't stand Never the first time he meets her. He's aware
that the feeling's mutual and the two don't think they'll ever see
each other again, but when fate takes a hand and puts them both in the
wrong place at the wrong time, Ty and Never form a tentative
friendship that opens the door on their dark sides and shows them what
it's like to live in the light.

"Sometimes, the only way to go forward, is to take a few, careful steps back."


Ty's hot mouth is on my neck, and I find myself taking short, sharp,
little breaths as I press my shaking hands to his chest. If I sleep
with him again, I'll be making the biggest mistake of my life. He's
the first real friend I've ever had, and I don't want to cheapen the
feelings that are simmering between us. We made that mistake once
before, and we survived. We've been through a lot since then, and I
know that if I lose him now, I will never be whole again. Ty is my
other half, lover or no, and just being around him is enough for me.

 ?Ty,? I say, trying my best to sound stern. Instead, my voice comes
out like a butterfly, flutters against Ty's hair and swirls it gently
against my lips. I moan and find that my fingers are now curled in
the fabric of his T-shirt.

 ?Never,? he says back to me, the word like fire against my skin. In
those two syllables, I hear how he feels about me. He thinks he's in
love. Ty McCabe thinks he's in love with me. He doesn't say it
aloud, but I can tell. Sex isn't the best way for me to show my
feelings; I've abused it for far too long that it has somehow lost
some of its meaning. I try to tell Ty this, but I can't speak with
his lips on my throat and his hand sliding across the nape of my neck.
I run my own hands down his chest and put them beneath his shirt, on
the hard plane of his belly. His muscles contract as I press my
fingers into them, touching, feeling, absorbing the man, the
complication, that is Ty McCabe. All the while, my mind is racing in
circles trying to talk me out of this.

 ?Kiss me,? Ty says and it's not a question, it's a request, albeit a
gentle one. His voice is softer than I've ever heard it. His words
are naked, stripped of all the bullshit that's happened to him, all of
the horrible things that mirror my own life. Ty and I are like twins,
like two halves of the same whole. They say that opposites attract,
but Ty and I are very much the same and the attraction between us
burns brighter than the sun. ?Kiss me,? he says again and I do.

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